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Starting Issues with generals/Hour zero, data folder not available

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Hello there I just installed C&C generals and the zero Hour addon but unfortunately I can't run it.

even after one hour I didn't seem to make any progress

this stuff was tried by me:

I read the whole  

 Thread, and changed the compatibility to XP SP2/3, clicked on all the checkboxes including the Design, admin start and so on.

checked for direct x (version 11 is installed)

created the options.ini file.

also downloaded the FinalBig.exe


I really don't want to go as far and create a virtual box with win xp for this, I am looking for other solutions

btw I have a original copy of the game with 4 discs and activation codes

my OS is win 7


thanks in advance

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I fixed it, after I uninstalled an update and disabled the microsoft services

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fast forward to this day.

the problem is not really fixed but I don't think there is a proper solution to my problem.

that said folder is now available BUT

that said update installs itself after every restart, plus I am missing the nvspcap64.dll now I have to fix this first.

too much effort to play C&C


if anyone had the same problem and fixed it somehow I'd be glad if this person would share their solution

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You can just create the folder if it's missing, and also use someone else's .ini file.

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