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Pre-release TS screenshots in lossless quality

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So I've been scouring old magazine coverdisks for promo screenshots and found these:




You've certainly seen them all but these are in lossless, presumably original quality. I'm not sure if they are available like this before so posting here.

The coverdisk they were found (originally in BMP format dated 13 April 1998) is for the Slovak magazine Riki issue No. 31 (CD 9), available here.

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Those mammoth tanks were never officially built in-game unless you mod it to be buildable (I assumed it was for NOD faction?)

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The game data still has an almost complete set of voxel versions of Tiberian Dawn vehicles. I believe they might have been made either for testing purposes or during a very early stage of development as valid TS units. Either way, only the Mammoth and the Flame Tank make any appearance in the final game missions (both used by the mutant faction IIRC), and the Mammoth can also randomly spawn as an Easter egg unit from crates in skirmish/multiplayer.

I have no idea if Nod was supposed to get Mammoths as some kind of tech tree reversal compared to TD (i.e. GDI gets futuristic stuff like mech walkers and hovercraft while Nod has to stick with previous generation hardware) or this was just a promo shot thrown together with no real tech tree philosophy behind.

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