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What is meant by Divination in Tiberian Sun?

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In Tiberian Sun GDI wants to rid earth of tiberium and go back to the way it was whilst Nod wants a tiberium future where humankind embraces tiberium.

In the TS Nod campaign they talk of something called 'divination' which is described as the next step in human evolution. After 'divination' you can live in a tiberium world without being destroyed by it like normal humans. However in the Nod campaign they are very hateful towards mutants so obvioulsy mutants haven't been through a process of 'divination' as is meant by Nod. In one seen capured Umagon even screams that divination is a lie, a statement which makes Oxana want to kill her.

I was wondering, what is the Nod concept of divination? Is it a real promise from Kane or is it just a lie? By the end Kane launches a tiberium missile that transforms the earth, do you think humans are already divined by then? How would you continue the story after a Nod ending?

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Perhaps a more "pure" form of Tiberium augmentation?

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In all haste I missed some good summaries on cnc.fandom.com.

This is how they explain the concept of 'divination' as it is used in TS:



Divination was the name for Nod Tiberium technology during the Second Tiberium War. The process was developed in order to create the perfect human, and was heavily based on earlier Nod research, from project ReGenesis.

Basically, Divination was a controlled injection of processed Tiberium into human bloodstream. The Tiberium would act as a mutagen and slowly mutate the subject. Due to this control, the mutation would not be random and rampant (e.g. transformation into visceroid) nor unpredictable (e.g. the Forgotten), and the resulting subject would be, essentially, perfect. The pinnacle of the research was the World Altering Missile, which contained a warhead capable of transforming the world at an atomic level, from carbon based to Tiberium based life.

The missile and much of Kane's research was destroyed, while some was salvaged by GDI after the end of the Second Tiberium War. However, Umagon had progressed already into the final stage of the Divination process. The experimental vaccine created by Tratos to halt Tiberium mutation was ineffective, and may have contributed to Umagon losing her sanity shortly afterwards.

Divination technology was further researched by the Brotherhood after the Firestorm Crisis. By the Third Tiberium War, Nod had developed Tiberium infusion technology based on the Divination research.

The above text actually explains everything. I hadn't thought about the tiberium infusion technology of CNC3 that way before.

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11 hours ago, ApornasPlanet said:

a warhead capable of transforming the world at an atomic level, from carbon based to Tiberium based life.

But tiberium isn't an element...

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I wonder who wrote that article and where the info is coming from? It's not mentioned in Tiberian Sun as far as I know. They just talk about 'divination' without explaining it.

Any theories?

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Fandom is a hub of fanfics and catastrophic writing.

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Sure! But I guess that the essence of it runs true, that Kane's plan was to make human life compatible with a tiberium world. That poses some questions though, is Kane himself 'divined'? And what about Oxana and Slavik? They appear not to since they get so angry when Umagon says that divination is a lie.



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