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C&C Remastered Collection Extensive Beta Patch

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About an hour and a half ago, Jim Vessella posted an update on the C&C subreddit regarding changes in the beta branch of the C&C Remastered Collection, as per last week's call for community input:

  • The Nod Cargo Plane delivery time has been normalized to 4 seconds on Normal speed
  • The TD Weapons Factory health has been increased by 30%
  • The RA1 naval structures have been removed from the victory condition
  • To address the TD Engineer / APC issue, the APC now has the Repair Facility as a pre-requisite to build
  • Harvester logic improvements
  • AI supported in LAN mode
  • Quickmatch map pools rotated, added selected community-made maps

The full post (and it's quite a read) can be seen here.

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Now if they would add the Tiberium growth rate slider into single player we'd be golden

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