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Hi Guys,

                Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place or in the wrong way! I would very much appreciate any assistance with the below and thanks to all for doing so much on the modding scene!

I have been playing KW mods using the following combination:

  • Windows 10
  • CNC Ultimate Collection (Origin)
  • Wrathed launcher
  • Bibbers Ultimate registry fixes 
  • 4GB Memory Patch

For many months now happily and all of a sudden it stopped. Dead. Wrathed launches, I can select my mod (Chemical Warefare 4.0), hit play and whereas usually I get the splash screen and an eventual load into the game, it "fails" (no error, just stops loading) and then takes me back to wrathed?? 

At first I thought it was a windows update, so rolled them back. Then tried:

  • Replacing all the files in the above that I could (bar registry changes).
  • Uninstall and reinstall of the game
  • Checked the registry against a copy of a friend that I play with
  • Reset windows but kept my files 
  • Clean file erase version of windows install 

I use Microsoft Onedrive for my documents so also made sure those associated folders were deleted.

Have even tried editing the CNC3EP1_english_1.2.SkuDef to include just the mod and it still fails to load.


So I thought I would reach out and see what you think. Can provide any info needed including logs, reg entries, files etc.

Playing KW during lockdown with friends has been a lifeline so uber confused why it just stopped all of a sudden!

Many thanks


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