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How to add infantry from Yuri Revenge TO Red Alert 2?

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Hello guys i was trying for hours to add infantry from Yuri Revenge to the normal Red Alert 2

I have The Ultimate Collection from Origin

I went to take the unit details from rulesmd.ini & artmd.ini TO rules.ini & art.ini

I was able to add the infantry with the right name by adding its name to language.mix

but it seems that I miss some stuff, the unit appears in-game invisible, and I can't select it unless I find it and click on it as well as the weapon has no sound when shooting and invisible.

the infantry I am trying to add from Yuri Revenge has the following names [ARND] / Arnold / UIName=Name:Hero3 / Arnie Frankenfurter

I want to add this infantry as fully with his animations and his weapon and sounds to Red Alert 2

Any help :help: will be much appreciated, thank you in advance :wave:

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You're also missing the files that represent them visually (SHP files for sprites and cameos, VXL and HVA files for voxels), as well as audibly (use the XCC Sound Editor within XCC Mixer to extract from and create new sound databases)

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