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I need help to do a Preloaded and reloadable missiles for GDICommando

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Hello everyone,
I'm working on a mod for my personal use, and today I decided to add a dual missile launcher to the back of the GDICommando
attached to the jetpack.
Each Missiles are launched together i'm using WeaponTemplate => GDICommandoRocketShoulder and it can only be used 
once by AutoReloadsClip="RETURN_TO_BASE", and then i want it to be reloaded/re-equipped at the GDIArmory/MedicalBay,
just like Orcas are reloaed in the AirTower building.
I've searched everywhere and can't figure out how to do it, I've probably missed something or misunderstood how the Orcas works,
 even if I get the WeaponTemplate => GDICommandoRocketShoulder to work properly I don't know how to make it 
single use and rechargeable...I searched in orca-firehawk WeaponTemplate, in AirTower code and in armory/medicalbay in 
superpowertemplate, logiccommand and others...well i still don't understand how the orcas are reloaded and what xml/code/files 
are involved in this process, if anyone has some spare time for me, I'm still here looking for an answer.
I'm novice and its my first dive into kane's wrath modding...
Thank you by the way.


Commndo obj & Weapontemplate.txt

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