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i need help about scripts , lua zoom out and superpowers control

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hello , what i can add to this files to load MapMetaData_Global.xml

mprules , multiplayer colors ,  > anything else ? or just two rules , cause commandset cannot load from this file


other question

i need script for my lua files for remove limitation zoomout , yes there is map can do that but i want it as script for my lua file , i dont know how make them work in my even file and script.lua

how make them work

ExecuteAction("SET_CAMERA_CLIP_DEPTH_MULTIPLIER", Camera_Clip_Depth)







other question  how i can control superpowers scripts for my lua file , disable , eneable , change count down time

i found these sources but nothing applied into my scripts.lua




asking the owner of scripts on https://www.patreon.com/metaidea/about not help maybe superpower need include "PlayerSpellBook"

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