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Unit cost changes in the mod is not working

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Hi Folks,

I followed the instructions from https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-tiberium-wars/tutorials/cc3-beginning-modders-guide-coding and tried to do a sample mod by reducing the GDI unit costing. I was able to generate the .big and .skudef files. However, upon invocation, I still don't see the unit costs getting updated in the campaigns, even after restarting the game. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any help is appreciated. Attached the mod files for reference.


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Finally I was able to fix the issue today by following the instructions from lancerevo790 mentioned in the comments section of the mod db post. Below are the excerpts for the benefit of others who face the same issue.


lancerevo790 Nov 11 2018

/Guys if you are using EALA program to build MODS just check in 4 option boxes:
Build global data;
Build static data;
Copy additional files;
Create big and skudef files;

and after press create mod

P.S. don't forget to update mod version as you add additional changes....

!!!Never forget to add '.xml' to all files listed 'Include' in 'Mod.xml'!!!

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