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Platin Sturm


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Sorry if this error exist in a other Topic, but i havent found it in other topics.

If I want start the Tibed 2 for Zero Hour, Tibed show me this error:


File not found in GetBinaryFile for "iniZH.bigDataINIRank.ini" (in readonly mode: -1 and with path "TBinaryFile").


I have deinstall tibed and install it again, download it again and install it, but same error!

What can i do!

Or were i can get this file?




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You have to update generals and zero hour, I believe generals is at 1.7 and Zero Hour is 1.2


They decided to add it to the game after it had been released.


You can still edit things, but if you click on the rank tab tibed will crash.

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Yes, Zero Hour needs to be updated to 1.1 or 1.2 (just anything newer than the version on the cd).

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