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Hey Koen

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i know your busy with making a good editor for BFME and all but, i cant seem to edit anything on the tibed mod beta 3


when i tried to right-click on an object in order to clone it, i dont seem to get the option to do so anymore.

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Thre is no right click interface right now. (Dont know if he is going to add it back in or not)


Say you want to clone colonel burton in zero hour.


Here are the steps to do it.


open tibed,


Navigate to all objectsamericainfantry


Click on infantry and in the viewer window you will see


0 AmericaInfantryColonelBurton 1

1 AmericaInfantryRanger 2

2 AmericaInfantryMissleDefender3

3 AmericaInfantryPilot 4

4 AmericaInfantryPathfinder 5


So in the window you would click on colonel burton then at the bottom of the window there are 5 buttons.


Paste From Clipboard

Copy Item To Clipboard

Add Empty Item

Clone Item

Delete Item


If you click the clone item button it will ask for his name then make an exact duplicate. If you want to move him to a different faction, then do the copy to clipboard navigate to the other factions infantry screen then click paste from clipbpard. It will ask you for a name then add it in.


P.S. dont be like me and forget to make a command button for them so they can be built. Also dont forget to make them buildable by someone else and to edit their prerequisites.

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i wrote a guide on how to make objects with tibed2 for beginners.


i just updated tibed2 and i cant right click anymore.


i did notice the 5 buttons, but they're not there anymore, like they've vanished.

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Those 5 buttons should be in the list... I have made a post on the frontpage of http://www.tibed.net showing the buttons.

Please reinstall TibEd 2 beta 3, perhaps that'll fix it.

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