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I need a litle help from Koen... *feeling foolish*

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Hey Koen, I had this little problem with TibEd 2. It didn't have support for CNC Red Alert 2. Because of that, I foolishly uninstalled it without checking if you had a module for it. Do I have to buy it again? Please tell me what I should do. Thanks! :D

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Tibed 2 doesn't have support for red alert 2 at all. I don't know if he is somehow going to import it, but that is the future.


In order to edit Red Alert 2 you have to use Tibed 1.6


They are 2 seperate editors so they wont conflict with each other, unless of course you install them in the same directory you might have some problems.


P.S. Just reinstall and and use the same key he gave you before. I believe your key will work with tibed 1.6 also.

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Thanks for the help. I hope Koen adds in support for Red Alert 2. :D

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