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Metallica - One, Hero of the Day, Frantic, Whiskey in the Jar

Velvet Revolver - Slither, Fall to Piecies, Dirty Little Thing

Guns 'N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child 'O Mine, Knocking on Heaven's Door, Paradise City

Rage Against the Machine - Bulls on Parade, People of the Sun, Renegades of Funk, Sleep Now in the Fire, Wake Up, Calm like a Bomb

System of a Down - Toxicity, Prison Song, Boom, Spiders, Deer Dance, Mr. Jack, Ego Brain, A.D.D., Highway Song, Streamline

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MOP-Cold As ice

Gorillaz ft De La Soul- Feel Good Inc

Ice Cube- Put Ur Ass In To It

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Bob Segar - Turn the Page


Rush has a song called Turn the Page

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Metallica covered Bob Segar's Turn the Page on the Garage Inc. album. Good song. The music video that goes with it is even better. Lets just say the music video features mature content ;)


Metallica's version: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/m/metallica/92026.html

Bob Segar's: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/b/bob-seger/21931.html


I guess if you look at those lyrics you could determine if Rush covered the same the song.

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Night Rangers-Sister Christian


The DVD I ment for some kind of monster. Looks weak. I like some of the pics inside St. Anger, and I wish they would have used one of those as the album cover instead. Metallica went with a new sound and look. I'm not saying it was bad, I'm just saying it's not their best to me. Others and sales tell me different.

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Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes

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Stan Bush-The Touch, Dare

NRG-Instruments of Destruction

Vince DiCola-Death of Optimus Prime, Escape, Autobot/Decepticon Battle

Spectre General-Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way, Hunger

Dare To Be Stupid-Weird Al Yankovic


Great Tracks from Transformers The Movie.

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Something a little different today:

Iced Earth - Slave to Darkness, Vengence is Mine (crazy weird 80's band. Good guitar solos!)

8 Foot Sativa - Believer, Chelsea Smile, 8 Foot Sativa (crazy NZ metal band. bunch of westies too :lol: )

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Iced Earth has some bad ass album covers. Though I don't think I've heard their music.


Def Leppard-Animal, Love Bites

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They've also got some bad-ass songs :D Namely, those two, plus I Died for You, Dante's Inferno (a whopping 15 minute song :shock: ), A Question of Heaven, and Angel's Holocaust. All of which I'm listening to right now.

I haven't actually seen any of their albums over here, so I wouldn't know how good they are. But I'll believe you when you say that :D OH! Another band I'm listening to: Deja Voodoo. NZ's best pisstake band, and they suck. They say that anyway. But their album is pretty damn popular :D Last year's Big Day Out, they had a 45 min slot, and finished playing after 20 mins. Hilarity ensures as they proceeded to drink on stage and start making stuff up. Haha, I'm going off topic slightly, but in my playlist I have:


Iced Earth - Slave to Darkness, Vengence is Mine, I Died for you, Dante's Inferno, A Question of Heaven, Angel's Holocaust.

Deja Voodoo - We Are Deja Voodoo, Beers, P, Today Tomorrow Timaru, Feelings.

Audioslave - Cochise, I am the Highway, Be Yourself (their new song, can't wait for their new album to come out), Gasoline, Shadows on the Sun, Like a Stone, Show Me How to Live, What You Are.

System of a Down - Toxicity, Chop Suey, Mr. Jack, A.D.D., Streamline, Prison Song.

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15min aint that long. Rush has several songs that are longer. But they're not crap either, like some bands long songs.


Xanadu-11:30 min

2112-25 min

Natural Science-9:47 min

The Camera Eye-10:56 min

Cygnus X-1 (the full version) 33:45 min

The Rhythm Method (drum solo)-10:00 min

O Baterista ('nuther Drum solo)-10:00 min

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I might have to check out some of these songs :D Makes you wonder how muscians can stand playing for that long anyways :lol:


Deja Voodoo - Beers, P, We Are Deja Voodoo, Today Tomorrow Timaru.

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