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My first mod...

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Unit whoring... not good. New units don't always need to be added... Just because you can put them in, doesn't mean you should... BUT, it's your mod so I'd say rescale the big ass voxels and replace those boxy, Yuri things with something smoother and more refined.

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What are those floating box things? :eh:

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The floating 'boxes' in Yuri's base is an early voxel I revived from my old Mod. I'm gonna make a new one sometime soon but this'll do as a placeholder.


The big hovering things in the allied bases are Cruisers... first voxel I made myself purely with the Voxel Section editor


btw, Fenring, this mod isn't about unit-whoring. I merely added a few new units (and structures, but those still use existing art) to keep things a little interresting.


And yes this mod is mostly about action, but that's what I like :D

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expand... give spoilers... and at least tell us what's going on...

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Some features that I already have in my mod:


* More crates, and use of some unused crate goodies (like the nuke)

* Maximum starting amount of cash and units upped for MP

* Powerplants produce almost 10x the power, but also cost more

* Anti-Air defenses cheaper

* 1 new AA structure for each side

* American paradrop now uses Guardian GI's

* Some new units


I'm probably going to find something to aid players in making larger and more effective bases, not sure how yet... I'll probably also add a number of balanced units to each side.

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