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Tibed 2 3 crash

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Trying to start a new project. I hit new, Zero Hour (directory is correct), Default project, enter a mod name, and am greeted with the following error :


Error (GetBinaryFileNotFound)

File not found in GetBinaryFile for 'iniZH.bigDataINIRank.ini' (in readonly mode: -1 and with path 'TBinaryFile').



And when I hit ok, I get this error :


Warning (TemplateLoadingFileMissing)

iniZH.bigDataINIRank.ini could not be found when creating your project!!



What should I do?

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Install the 1.02 patch, it adds in the rank.ini.


You have to install the 1.07 patch for Generals first also.

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Hey, thanks, it worked! Rockin'.


For some reason, the thought of updating the game never really occured to me as it might be a problem. Thanks!

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