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Question about fighter in RA2

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In Ra2, we can set if an aircraft is fighter or not (through most of them already setted "yes"), Carrier's attack plane also have secondary weapon by using anti air project. However, can we really make Av-8 or MIG againest other planes, like Cargo plane/Spy plane or other attacking aircraft? I've used project "AA heat seaker" on my new Helicopter missile and AV-8 new AA missile, but they won't fire to enemy's AV-8(but when I change cannons for my helicopter by using project "invisibleall", it does guard air, y missiles can;t?)


Still, can anyone tell me what's the rules on using secondary weapon? the experience i've got is that your main weapon must can not does damange to the target you want the secondary weapon againests to, but as the first question, my new fighter uses laser(major weapon copyed from lunarlaser, setted only AA) and Maverick3 missile(secondary, used by original MIG, only AG&AN), but it won;t shoot helicopter nor planes, but shoot both laser and missile to ground target(the laser soudn;t fired to ground in setting). anyone can tell me y?


Also, I still haven't got any offical explaination about Tibed's Ra2 unit armor setting. by data loaded from game though Tibed, the "armor" space totally is a chaos. number, letters, yes or no, any thing but datas shown in help( should be none/wood/light....and so on)



Last thing, can anyone tell me who's in charge on the Tibed website? I've paid though Ebay few days ago and still haven;'t recived decode password for Tibed -_-!




Thank you all so much and have a nice day!

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For a flyer to attack air units it must have BallonHover=yes.


The armor setup is: None, flak, plate (infantry), light, medium, heavy (vehicle, dolphins, squid), wood, steel, concrete (buildings), special 1 (terror drone), special 2 (targetable missiles)


As for the owner of TibEd, why that would be Koen. PM him about it and he should be able to help you get it worked out.

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