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The First Emportant question on Editing YR&RA2 for new s

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Can anyone tell me how to solve the MCV bug?


I made a new countries twice, first time I cloned and edited full set of new buildings to make a new building syetem, and the new country replaced Libya but includes into the thirdside(Already changed AI building list and rewrited data in Rule.ini manuary), but it won't let me start game(game over at beginning), even though, my new MCV has the image cloned by Allian MCV, then my computer emeny can build it though Allian War Factory but I haven;t set to allow that happens!

Then, I've tride to use Yuri to capture the MCV which built by computer(though I don;t know why it happened), but whenever I outspread it, a 1x1 invisible square with life bar will be created. I can;t select it by towing mouse(to choose more than one unit) nor saw it, but I do can select it if I use left button normal select if I remember where it was. when I selected it, it shows the life bar as norm unit, but won;t move, i think the computer only know some unit there but it don;t know what it is.


Second time, I replaced Cuba and keep new country stay in Soviet side, and I build building system by changing Soviet build order, for example, I still set it will start from Soviet MCV, then I make original buildings forbidden for this country, then put my clone&edited new order into the same place as those original buildings(all buildings can be build if you put it in original list, I've tested ). But then I got another problem, if I don;t allowed the new country to build tesla plant, then my new buildings also won;t show on the building board, if I change order to let them start from barracks( thus, I let it can build new barracks rather than the soviet one, and then different buildings going though the different line with Soviet), it will continue goes Soviet barracks then War Factory and Battle Lab after Soviet Refinery even if I already enjoined them..........


By all means, I can;t start as new country, whatever it has own MCV or just edited from original side.

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When i do 3rd side mods i always keep he notmal cunstruction yard wrather than clone a new one. all you heve to do for that is prevent the Power plant, barracks and ore ref of whatever it was befor.

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