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yeh.. another one..


quoteing myself :P


:P id like to announce a new mod/expansion for renny... call it either... i prefere to call it the.. Unofficial Improvement patch.. coough** ... yeh.. im gonna change the name lol.. and soon that is.. anyways.. its a brand new mod that turns renny into renny.. O_o. adding units such as the SSM lancher, Recon bike, original harvesters and more..


the full content of the "Mod" .. oh yeah.-


Unofficial Improvement Patch (temp name)


features :


2 Campaigns


Adittional storyline (might pick up where TD ends )


Nod Campaign

Gdi Campaign (the exsisting one or one thats closer to the original C&c



Missing Multiplayer Modes (mutant, king of the hill, catch the Dr. mobius and more..)


new menus/fonts


new interface


new models/ missing models from the original c&c + a rework of some of the current


improved textures adn new ones


improved gameplay


a few new maps/reworks of original TD maps and probally support for all the official westwood maps



This is what we need :


1-2 skinners


1-2 modders (ppl who can make models XD)


1-4 mappers


basicly thats what we need the most... rest is covered pretty much..


so far.. some of the stuff allready done :


a pic that shows nothin special exept the MRLS tower can be moved




main menu :




singleplayer menu :




and ingame where u buy :




note.. all pictures are from a extreamly early stage in progress and may be altered beyond recognision.


also a few of the sounds have been replaced.. i relly couldent stand that sound when u pressed on something in the menu.. and the background music in the menu have also been replaced.


ill repeat what we need is :


1-2 skinners


1-2 modders (ppl who can make models XD)


1-4 mappers


maybe some more.. but that is the primary.


now if you think that u can help us out here.. even if you are buy and only got time to make a little.. know this.. we need all the help we can get !! nothing is 2 small :thumb:


website will be done in a short while. (a few days.. maybe even tomorrow allready)


oh yea btw, dont mind all the Nod look in it.. everythin is alpha.. and it wont just be a nod campaign.. but mor an expansion to the game itself .. that adds much in both single and multiplayer aspekts


i need all the help i can get on this one..let me know if there is anything you can/will be able to help with... website will be up soon..

you can read more about the mod and see more screenshots here or here


you can contact me either by posting here or on one of the other forums .. when the website is up (ill add link) you will also be able to contact me there

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to add a few screen shots thats more up to date :


updated menu with the current working title : Rise Of Apocalypse




the recon bike on city flying




the SSM (Surface to surface missle system) that i found a half finished model of.. it still needs the rocket pad tho




another picture of the recon bike this time on fields



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Looks cool.


Got a website?

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not yet.. it will be up in a few days :) and then ill post the link


EDIT : site goes official tomorrow..


EDIT : new info.. the ssm launcher the westwood made looks like a firetruck and there wll be made a model from scratch for it


this also goes for the recon bike

the lighttanks

the flametank

the stealth tank

nod apc

the arty

and a lot more units.. note that all the current ones are not fully decided yet.. i refere to the 2 posts above if more intel is required.

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I hope your SSM Launcher is better than the NOD plane drop mod I have. You'd get the launcher, but the missile would fire from inside the vehicle and explode before it could do any damage.


Looks good, by the way. Can't wait 'till it's finished.

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thnx for the nice words :)


@ the ssm launcher .. well i fixed the westwood model but.. seriusly it looks nothing like the one from tiberian dawn.. so we are going to make a new model from scratch and use the MRLS as base for the truck itself.


btw if u want to have an influence on the mod ya could register at the site and post af the forums.

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:lol: sounds like a great mod man.....as soon as i get my confermation email from ur site ill sign up for Alpha and Beta tester(nvr been one :lol: ) ill have reinstall Renegade tho.....but its np...anyway...love the site...cant wait to see how far this thing goes bro....GL :D:D:D

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thnx man.. its good 2 have some support.. but the site is a little buggy sometimes and therefore there is a slight chance you might not recive the email..(if you dont within a few hours ... you probally wont) if that is the case.. then i have written on the main site (alias home) what to do.. but .. 2 tell it short.. pm me and ill set your account up ;)

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w00t ima Beta Tester for the mod :D:D THNX a MILLION Staude

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Doesn't look too bad. I'd really like to help out with the map making, but I haven't thought about Renegade in about a year, was shocked to see there was still communities that supported it.


I'm gonna try to get back into gmax, see if I still know my way around. If I can pick it up to where I left off, I'd gladly help you.


Good luck buddy. Make sure the NOD campaign is sexy, that'll be a real attraction (if anyone else thinks about the game I do).

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lolo yea dun worry bout that.. n m8.. are you danish ?.. im mostly because i see a ø in your name.. and soz bout the late respond.. hadent seen that anyone had replied lol.. ur most welcome to join.. im in gr8 need of help.. and gr8 i mean the bad way lo

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oke.. progress.... just gonna show a few images..









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Wow, this mod looks really good, and very promising. What would it take a guy you've never heard of to be a tester or something?

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lol.. not true.






take a look around those two sites.


and i expect it to go into beta stage around summer (or i hope)

and if possibly a open beta release a relatively short while after.


EDIT: oh yeh.. if you want to see some pictures or whatever heres a few:

(btw if anyone who can skin reads this i could use more skinners cough cough ;p)


Pictures removed to reduce loading time and to keep the forum design intact. Visit the modDB link. ~Fen

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This is odd...I can't see a single image, and it says your site is under contruction :? anyway, I'd like to be a Alpha+Beta tester as well :wink:

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