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A few problems

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Hey. I just started using TibEd yesterday. Having a way with programming, I easilly made a few changes, but I still have some problems. These are for Red Alert 2, by the way. Yuri anoys me. :)


First of all, since I like cows, I gave the cow a sooped up Vulcan weapon. This cow, being very strong, I decided to make it a hero. Unfortunately, even though I set the build limit to 1, I can still make multiples. If I build it, after the cow is built, I can build one more, and so on.


I know my second issue has been addressed on this forum, but I tried cloning the hornets and ospreys, for the aircraft carrier and destroyer, respectively. I managed to get them to be built in an airfield, but they were invisible! I could still see the health bar and select them, though. Do I have to do something to the art.ini file?


Lastly, I am having troubles adding a fourteenth extra mode to the IFV. I set the turret options in the manual editor, and the weapon options, too, but when I put the new technician in the IFV, the turret is gone and instead their is a bowl in the ifv. :badpc:

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Try setting the build limit to 0. For RA2 I pretty sure the build limit really didnt work all that well. It was altered in YR to work but there are still some side effects.


Both of your aircraft need the Image= tag added. Along with your cloned units add Image=HORNET and Image=ASW to the list. Now they should appear in the game.


The IFV codes can't be added to the list. You must alter what is there since it's all hardcoded. What you see is the bottom of the IFV without it's turret's art.

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Thanks. All of it worked, except that the osprey now looks like a paratroop drop plane. Also, the planes dont automaticly return to base after stopping. Thanks again.

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In the General section look for PadAircraft=ORCA,BEAG. Add your new aircraft to the list. Use your new units name...





You got me on the osprey... that's the art entry that I got. I know the cargo plane is something like PDPLANE or PTPLANE


Also, you could try the FORTRESS voxel. It's a bomber looking plane.

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