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If you could choose one...

If you had to pick between one... would you-  

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  1. 1.

    • Put Original Command and Conquer back in stores
    • Put Original Red Alert back in stores
    • Leave them off the shelves... you hated them, and you are a piece of crap

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good point. I hate the US healthcare system.


course Im not old yet, so....


maybe Ill move to Canada or NZ sometime :D

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Naa we have enough bums here. We don't need another one.. :P


I'm sorry but you left yourself open for that.. :P :P :P

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meh. i could be a hermit and live on a mountian. :D


now back to topic...um...what was it again ?


If you could choose.....

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Its kinda a lame topic really..


No offensive to peoples though....

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well, we got it to 2 pages....


I would have RA though. Unless they redid TD with skirmish mode :D

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then get them all.


after all, only Generals was banned from China


oh wait, stupid government thinks Mammoth tanks are an insult ot communism.... :? :?

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