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Need Help With Saving & Loading Files

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Is it possible to Load Maps that are (*.mpr) files and extract there units and all the edited units/structures that were made using SE2K and decode them into (*.tib) format, and then to continue editing units/Structures using the TibEd v1.6 program?


If this is possible please tell me how.


Also Do you know how to Save SE2K Edited Units/Structures so that they become (*.INI) files?


please respond ASAP

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Your good old buddy of Cut and Paste only works for this. No other program can do this to my knowlage.

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This would be a no-go area for TibEd. It is a fundamental limit of TibEd 1.x that importing of files is nearly impossible. At least, to do it the correct way that works well.


There's actually an option to try, but it will probably break: rename the map to Rules.INI and try to use File->Import. Uncheck all boxes but Rules.ini, and select your files there. Be sure to leave "Default settings" checked!

TibEd will now try to import your changes... but don't be surprised if it throws Runtime Errors at you or the changes are not properly imported. You can check them out later using the Changes browser.


Let me know if this works... small chance but it could :)

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I've used that option...I know you can export the changes I've made to a Rules.ini. But I get that error popping up or no changes happen to the saved file when I try to import something.

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