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RA1 = Classic

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I posted this on another C&C forums


Thought RA2/YR is excellent. Brilliant atmopshere.


It lost the typical RA1 atmosphere.


the original C&C/RA was just unbeatable


i just installed it again with the expansions.


superb game.


The story is much better than current titles *Cough* ZH


lookuing back now, the only flow in RA is the building methods


If they updated those building methods, would have been better.


nevertheless, fantastic game

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RA owns you...


Though Starcraft - Brood wars owns ALL! Cause normal Starcraft is crappy... Gotta have the medic's :D

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StarCraft without Brood War is perfectly balanced. No crappy Lurker/DT rushes. :P


ANYWAY, this is about Red Alert, not SC so let's keep it that way.

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RA1 = second best RTS ever.


And the best was.... :?:


@luk3us, you just made me waste 10 min. of my life on your website... :evil::P

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