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ok more questions

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so i am so much of a neweb. but we all have to learn some time.

1. what is a voxel.

2. i downloaded the voxel editor. (i think a voxel is a graphic for units)

3. does the voxel editor work for structures as well.

any other things major i need to know to start to make my own mod. not anything big just for me and my friends.


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1) voxel = volume pixel


Technically speaking, a voxel is a volume element, representing a value in three dimensional space. This is analogous to a pixel, which represents 2D image data. Voxels are frequently used in the visualisation and analysis of medical and scientific data.


In our purposes, it's a 3 dimensional object that's animated through an associated HVA file.


2) Answered in the last bit.


3) The voxel editor works for voxels only. Structures are SHPs, which are 2 dimensional sprites. A 3d editor will not work on 2d objects.

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