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Official new dominating sun 2.0 anouncement

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for an long time ago ive posted an anouncement of the tiberian sun mod new dominating sun 2.0 well and findaly its on an oficial web site (cncden)


here are some screnies






sorry for the verry big size admin if its not ok delete them plz and i wil make an link instead of these imgs


This is a mod for Tiberian Sun. It comes with its own installer. Mod includes a new side called 'New Dominion'. Includes a new interface, many new units, new music, AI improvements, and much more. the read me file is included. also includes an mission for it but in testing mode


its aboud that holland is starting to rebel and they are taking over the world they attack amerika and are going to steal an conyard and then...


download it at the cncden site and spread it around here =>



does anyone still renember this mod :wink:

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yes i would want to do that but with wich editor can you do that :?:

Thnx Matthy

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