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Guardian GI

Requirements: Barracks

Cost: $400

Weapon: M60 pistol - anti-tank rockets

Purpose: anti-tank, anti-air

Instead of packing an anti-tank rifle, Guardian GIs pack anti-tank rockets. Able to fire at long ranges, they rip through heavily armored equipment with relative ease. Elite troopers have more explosive rockets that deal more damage to structures and have red-trails, as well.




Requirements: Barracks

Cost: $600

Purpose: infantry healing

Same as it ever was. Little has changed with the Medic or his abilities.




Requirements: Naval Shipyard, Battle Lab

Cost: $2000

Weapons: 8-inch deck cannons

Purpose: naval base siege

A blast from the past that haunts even the most experienced commanders. The Battleship works like it did in the previous conflict: bombard the enemy from extremely far away. Also like before, cannon blasts are wildly innaccurate.




Requirements: Airforce Command HQ, Battle Lab

Cost: $2000

Weapon: high-explosive Maverick missiles

Purpose: aerial base siege

Simply put, Raptors are base destroyers. They are most effective against static defenses like Tesla Coils and Grand Cannons but are equally effective at bombing factories into oblivion. While strong, Raptors are weakly armored and should be deployed with caution.



Allied Airpad

Requirements: Airforce Command HQ, Construction Yard

Cost: $500

Purpose: additional aircraft space

Instead of duplicating radar equipment for extra aircraft space, commanders are able to deploy these instead. The Airpad is essentially a stripped down AFC HQ with only the 4 landing pads.



Psi-Corps Trooper

Requirements: Barracks, Radar Tower

Cost: $1000

Weapon: mind-based assault - psychic pulse

Purpose: psychic-based assault

Essentially Yuri with a new name. He has the same abilities as before as little has changed among the psychic ranks.




Requirements: Barracks, Battle Lab

Cost: $1200

Purpose: infiltration - vehicle sabotage

The Agent is essentially the Soviet spy. He has the same abilities and performs the same operations as the Allied Spy. However, Agents are able to hijack any enemy vehicle and even civilian ones.




Requirements: Barracks, Radar Tower, Battle Lab

Cost: $2000

Weapons: explosive Sniper rifle - C4 charges

Purpose: heavy base siege - Soviet hero

Long thought to be destroyed, Volkov comes back for another round in combat. He's as rough and tough as he was before, taking mountains of damage before finally collapsing in a pile of rubble. His sniper rifle makes short work of infantry and vehicles alike with its unique explosive properties and his C4 charges demolish structures in mere seconds.



YAK-24K Transport

Requirements: War Factory, Radar Tower

Cost: $1000

Purpose: aerial troop deployment & transport

Think Nighthawk without the radar invisibility. That's this in a nutshell.




Requirements: Airfield

Cost: $1500

Purpose: aerial base assault

A cross between the Black Eagle and Raptor in terms of power, the Soviet MiG is as useful as it was in the previous conflict. Fast and nimble, the Soviets' aircraft can easily turn enemy vehicles and structures into scrap.



Soviet Airfield

Requirements: Ore Refinery, Construction Yard

Cost: $500

Purpose: MiG landing space

A simple runway with one purpose: allow MiGs to land and restock their ammunition. Very simple in usage, very simple in design.




Chrono Tank

Requirements: War Factory, Airforce Command HQ, Battle Lab

Cost: $2400

Weapon: dual speciality missiles

Purpose: RA classicness

The Chrono Tank comes back for another round. While not the same in movement, the weapons and power are the same. This time, however, the missiles are much more explosive causing bigger splash damage and more damage to infantry.



MAD Tank

Requirements: War Factory, Radar Tower, Battle Lab

Cost: $2500

Weapon: seismic shockwave

Purpose: RA classicness

Same function as it was in Aftermath. Deploy it and watch the fireworks. Like the first incarnation, infantry will be unphased. This has not changed.


Changes are too numerous to list but some to point out:

- Spy/Tanya Cloning Vats money glitchiness fixed.

- President IFV cheat eliminated.

- Art coding errors fixed with Cannis' art tweaks.

- YR voices and sounds are in use.


Download: http://bwr.freedomstudios.net/bwrules15.zip


If you find any errors or bugs, report them so I can fix them for the next release.

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checking it out ............. is this a yr only mod btw?

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My RA2 mod


So I guess it's got nothing to do with YR.....

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Volkov 8) :twisted:

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:shock: volkov do my ears decive me VOLKOV? ...YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :twisted::twisted::twisted:

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Is this a prelude to your larger mod project? or part of the same one?


Volkov..........yeeeessssss. "shocking..."

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Nah. It's just an RA2 mod for fun. I've been pining to do the original for quite some time.


Tidbit for ye people. The AI Generals have been enabled, adding another degree of unpredictability in the AI.

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it won't work on my computer :cry: it says jpeg62.dll was not found

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too bad...maybe your comp doesnt like you...or maybe it cants handle Volkov :twisted::twisted::twisted:


So Fen...about those updates for the "real" mods.....

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no my comp can handle volkov but it might hate me like you said, fen's help would be appreciated

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Cygnus, this is a real mod. It's more for fun though. ;)


Download jpeg62.dll and stick it with the rest of the DLLs. I'm working on fixing this one.

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I meant the big mod. YR Enhanced and all the ones it was merged with. Ect.

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TCW is still in planning stages. I'm still deciding what balance tweaks are going in. The story and missions need to be planned before I do anything to save myself trouble later on. In other words, planning phases still.

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I see. Planning...something CoI could have used. Maybe it will still get some...

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Download jpeg62.dll and stick it with the rest of the DLLs.


where can i dowload this?

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Kane forbid if Fenring ever posts a real link :wink:


I would imagine from one of Fen's sites, since those are his rules ect.

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I know where it comes from and I think it's because I used the latest version of the XCC Utilities. I'll use an older version, else install the latest XCC pack and it should work.

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Hopefully I'll be able to check it out once I reinstall RA2 via original disks.

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i downloaded xcc utilities like you said and it works

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