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C&C Red Alert 1 on Win XP

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I need some help installing Red Alert on Win XP. I've looked through some of the information posted already in these forums. I've even tried the Win 95 compatibility trick. However, none have worked. No matter what I've been able to do, all I get is a warning notice. The note reads;


(Task bar title) 16 bit Windows Subsystem

(Main window) C:WindowsSystem32Autoexec.nt The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Windows applications. Choose 'close' to terminate the application.


Now what do I do?

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yes they did but it still costs a lot

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i had no problem running ra1 using the patch available on this site.

try making _all_ associated files compatiable for windows 95.

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i don´t know how much it costs, but i think that it worths it cause it has inside 12 games¡¡¡¡ If you didn´t knew check it out


I'm not even gonna reply properly to that.


EDIT: Even the link doesn't work. Noob.

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