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RA2 - YR - Turret position

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Hi, I just have a short question.


I just made a new unit, and 2 voxels for this unit, the body and the turret. However, the turret seems to be at the same height of the body ingame. And since my turret is slightly bigger then the body, the entire body essentially disapears.


So I just wanted to know how you can adjust the Height of your turret, relative to the body.

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Don't quote me because I'm a little rusty from editing... But i think its changed in the Artmd.ini files and the tags that are used should be...


TurretOffset = turret center offset along body centerline, in leptons (def=0)

FireAngle = default angle to raise barrel above direct line to targe [in degrees] (def=10)

PrimaryFireFLH = lepton offset [Forward,Lateral,Height from turret center] for bullet start Position (def=0,0,0)

SecondaryFireFLH = alternate weapon offset for bullet start position (def=0,0,0)

ElitePrimaryFireFLH = elite version of PrimaryFireFLH.

EliteSecondaryFireFLH = elite version of SecondaryFireFLH.

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