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The First Decade! Great for an old cynic like me! However...

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Well hello there, fellas! Figured it was time for me to pop in for my annual visit to see how everyone's doing 8)


Seeing as my original C&C and RA discs are long gone (and wouldn't work on these new-fangled machines anyway, heh), I figure The First Decade will be a nice trip down memory lane for an old-timer like me (for those who don't know me, I used to work on this site a few lifetimes ago). I saw it in my local store today, and almost picked it up immediately. However, as a die-hard user of Windows 2000, the "Windows XP" system requirement gave me second thoughts. Has anyone got any experiences (read: problems) with running this on Windows 2000? I obviously don't have the compatibility mode (well, not a simple one, anyway) that XP offers, but I can't imagine someone releasing a game that actually relied on this "feature" (and I use the term losely, considering it doesn't exactly work wonders for many old games).


In any case, I just figured I'd ask, and at the same time check in on you all.



Eskil (once known as Viper)

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Has problems with almost every system so ehh... I don't know for sure about 2000 specifically though.

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