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No words can begin to express the joy in my heart at the revelation of this news, a fourth generation occurence generated from my knowledge of this program due to Osh Kosh.


X-Plane flight simulator has the Orca. They have the Orca. In fact, they went so far as to use it in a review, surprisingly and orgasmic to me.



The range of aircraft that X-Plane is capable of simulating is massive: light planes (such as clunky old Cessna's), radio controlled planes, C-5 Galaxy super haulers and even GDI Orcas from Command and Conquer all fly in a realistic fashion. If you opt to buy the full earth scenery package then you'll have an entire world of accurate topography (mountains, hills and rivers) to buzz around. In a practical sense what this means is that you can fly from any location on any route to any airport in the world. An excellent way of helping pilots plan their journey but also pretty fun for aviation lovers too. Newbies could find this daunting due to the lack of a highlights feature. How are you supposed to know what the best airports are if you're given an entire world of them!


It's worth noting that X-Plane is not a combat simulator. Whilst it can simulate weaponry, including missiles, bombs and cannon fire there aren't actually any targets and they have little effect on physical objects in the game. That's annoying but not a deal breaker -- people looking for a combat flight simulator probably weren't in X-Plane's target audience in the first place. X-Plane is aimed at people that would prefer to map out a route from Heathrow to LAX and then execute it via knobs and dials in the auto-pilot rather than take 25 minutes to intercept a ME109 in a Spitfire.


Boring old farts. Oh well.




The link to this article can be found below:





The forums of this product can be found below:






The website of this product can be found here:




I have begun to download the demo, and it seems to take about two or three hours on DSL. It is worth investigating, my friends. It is extremely well done, and user-friendly. I think you'll like it. The purpose of this is to TEST expirimental aircraft: Design them yourself. Clearly, someone has done this with the Orca.


Oh, I cannot even begin to explain how ****ing happy I am right now.

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Guest Rabbit

Caaaaaaaalm down man, it's just a game :P

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Guest Rabbit

I stand corrected. :wink:

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