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Doctor Destiny

[BWR] The HQ

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Changes in 1.6:

- "Battle" is now affectionately referred to as "Deathmatch."

- Several unused maps floating about have been enable for play.

- DC Uprising now has ore mines to extend game length.

- The Chrono Tank and MAD Tank have been retired for good.

- Included tons of small graphical and audio tweaks...

- You may build off more than just your allies' construction yard.

- Restored America's paradrop ability using a radar upgrade plug.

- The veterancy system has been slightly adjusted.



Abrams Tank - American special


Large and in charge, the American Abrams Tank is devastation on treads. It packs the strongest cannon in the game, even outdoing the mighty Apocalypse Tank. The shells tear through vehicles and structures with supreme ease... but the fun doesn't stop there, oh no! The Abrams Tank packs machine gunners to strike squads of infantry and even Terror Drones.

Credits: spiderman_2099 (voxel & cameo)


Avenger - British special


The British have taken prism and laser technology to new heights with their new Avenger... and that's quite literal, as well. The British Avenger is a superb anti-air vehicle that will knock any aircraft out of the sky in mere seconds. While packing a strong defensive weapon, the Avenger has no ground attack ability and has armor that's no more durable than a Prism Tank, nor is it suited for anti-missile operations.

Credits: Holmes (voxel)


Chrono MLRS - French special


Like its counterparts, the Chrono MLRS zips about with little delay. Instead of packing a temporal displacement weapon, the French's new toy packs a missile launcher near the back of the vehicle. The missile it fires is special in itself as it fragments upon striking an infantry or vehicle, spraying the area with smaller missiles.

Credits: Napalm (voxel & cameo)


Panther Tank - German special


The Panther Tank is capable of firing two very distinct tank shells. There's the usual that's excellent against armor columns but not so effective against infantry. However, the Panther uses special ammunition against structure targets that is much more explosive... the Panther's specialized shells can shatter any structure with just a few rounds.

Credits: CannisRabidus (voxel)


Stingray - Korean special


The Koreans continue with their zeal for aerial superiority with the Stingray... and superior it is! While not heavily armored, the Stingray is exceptionally fast and effective at delivering its payload. As a bonus, the Stingray is outfitted with the same plating as the Nighthawk, making it invisible on enemy radar. However, this left a slight flaw in the targeting mechanisms that has, thus far, been impossible to trace. To counter this, the Stingray's payload is now a canister bomb instead of a missile.

Credits: Stingerrr (voxel)



Tirhanov Heavy Tank - Russian special


The Russians with a heavy tank? No one ever thought up that one before! Anyway, the Tirhanov Heavy Tank sports a 135mm tank cannon, which, in itself, is capable of tearing through heavy armor and structures rather quickly... infantry are still resistant as per normal tank weapons. However, the Tirhanov is more than just a tank... it is a transport as well. Up to five infantry can hunker inside, ready for a sneaky attack. Better watch for veteran Tesla Troopers waiting inside!

Credits: Daz (voxel), Daz & Lee (cameo), Lee (name), Nology5890 (unit concept)


Hind - Cuban special


Yet another amazing notion for the Soviets: a Hind attack chopper! Shock and awe... heh. On to business... the Hind is like it was in the previous conflict in that it uses a heavy caliber machine gun. However, in the current war, the Hind comes packed with missile launchers for effective armor destruction. Even with the new firepower, the Hind is best used as an infantry support unit.

Credits: Lefthand (voxel)


Rad Artillery - Iraqi special


The Iraqis continue with their deadly use of nuclear components. In this version, the Iraqis are using nuclear waste products inside of standard-fare tank shells. On contact, the shell releases the nuclear waste in a bionuclear cloud of death. Infantry will surely die but if not, the radiation left behind will do the job. Vehicles and structures are more resistant to the fallout and chemicals but repeated firing will surely wear down any vehicle.

Credits: spiderman_2099 (voxel), Speeder & Paradox (cameo)


Deathshard - Libyan special


While inaccurate, the Deathshard's mortar shots explode violently, sending shards of debris flying in every direction. Don't be fooled. The debris is more destructive than it appears, causing substantial damage to infantry and even to tanks. However, unlike most Soviet units, the Libyan's new toy is not very heavily armored but is very speedy... making it an excellent hit and run unit.

Credits: Apollo (voxel & cameo), Nology5890 (unit naming)

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this mod is beowulf rules  was  good years before. I sincerely hope that doctor destiny (she xd) is well in life, best wishes

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