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C&C Outpost Released!!

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GDI and Nod forces have moved into previously unharvested territory

in order to try and find further sources of Tiberium.

Both Forces have arrived in the area at the same time and aquired

deserted Guerilla bunkers.

Take out your enemies before they get up and running.........





Nod Kane & GDI POW equipped sniper rockets x 12 & uber rockets x 12

Nod Clergy & GDI Civilian resistance stealth units equipped shotguns.

Modified 3 person desert hummers for both teams x 6





Technical info:

0 points for hitting hummvees. (Enjoy driving for once!!)

0 points for hitting base defences. (They were open to Point whoring)

Base defences re-spawn after 40 seconds approx.

Base defences will work after power plant is down.



Enjoy it!!! :)


edit: sorry to Troll this post back up but my reason is legitimate:

all the URLs for the preview and download of the map have changed.

I have been offline for a long time now so Ive only juet been able to sort it. :)

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