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Alright guys, i just bought Rene. again for the 6th time in my 19 years of life....and i remember there being a website for a Rene. Clan where you could get a bunch of new maps.....i cant remember the site ot the Clan name but i know the servers were like NewMaps or something along those lines....and the website had a standalone server connector, you would just put your nick in and click connect and youd get right into their server...if anyone knows the site please post it here, ive lost track of it in the last 3 years

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Well, for maps and skins and such, check out this post I made as an FAQ in another forum (http://gravediggaz.net/forum)


Here's some sites where you can find skins:





[*]C&C Den Skins


[*]CNCNZ.com SKins


Here's some skinning tutorials:

[*]C&C Den Skin Tutorial






Well, most of my 8-10 FAQ's there are longer, but I think you might be thinking of renmaps.com :wink:

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