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Dawn of War (early) Media

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As I have a lot of spare time now, I can start to mod again.

Below is the Black Market, it will be the main ground vehicle producing facility (but not the only one) for the ECON.


The Black Market won't be the actual place where the vehicle is build, a new unit will come from an underground tunnel, the Black Market is just where you purchase the unit.




You'll be able to see through the hole in ceiling and those in the walls in the game and actually see into the building itself, where you'll be able to see some stuff as well.




Im not 100% sure about the camonetting's texture (and some of its placement), but I wanted to give you guys an idea of what the mod's quality will be.



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Guest Rabbit

As for the quality? GODDAMN!


As for the detail? GODDAMN!



Seriously, that really looks nice. I can't wait to see this mod develop.

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An inside peek:




Ofcourse, in the game you won't see it from this upclose :P

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You're probably rambled on about your mod already but I probably missed it.


Either way, what is Dawn Of War all about again?

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I aint disclosing too much just yet, but its about the EU attacking Russia for oil, with the ECON taking advantage of the two going to war.

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*Wink, wink, nudge, nudge*




Looks cool as hell... But the name, I guess I might get confused with the mod's name and Warhammer 40k games on my PC...

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