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Renegade/APB Maps

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Are there any programs I need to make them? I didn't really understand the tutorial at all, I guess I need some newbie info before I try making maps since I haven't done any for any game before so this will be my first shot, any programs or tutorials i should get or look at? (basically anything and everything will help)

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You will need these programs:

- Renegade Mod Tools 2

- GMax 1.2 Installer
(visit http://www.turbosquid.com/gmax/ for more GMax related files)

- Creating Your First Renegade Map Tutorial
(good for getting started with Renegade map making)

For APB map making check these forums http://www.apathbeyond.com/forum/index.php?showforum=3

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Thanks, i tried the APB forums but I think I'll try making a few ren maps before I try APB, again thanks for all the stuff


Edit: The Gmax Install file is corrupted I tried to install it and it came up with an error message, I'll try downloading it again though


Error emssage is: "Zip damaged file: c:[directory names]gmaxsetup1.cab bad CRC 4091375f (should be 88866ddb) Possible Cause: file transfer error"


Edit #3: the turbo squid website has a non-corrupted verison, they just take a while to send the registration email...

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Turbo squid version has the same error.

And I can't find it anywhere else.

Dam this sux!

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I'm pretty sure they canceled support of Gmax. You now need to pay for a full version which unless you are either cash loaded or have contacts in the industry it is probably going to cost far more than you want to spend. I was lucky i had the latter.

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