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G&ZH - disply only still jpg image for background on men

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I just did a fresh install of "The First Decade". I then patched it to the latest version. When I load either of the Generals games I don't get the "3D battle" menu screens... only a static image. I also noticed that on my first load of each game EVERY graphics settings is turned off, putting me at the lowest possible settings for EVERYTHING. I'm able to then max all graphics settings out and save them... I can play the games and they play great, I then restarted the game but even though my settings are all maxed, still no "reat time 3D" menu screen.


I've played a few games and no problems there... so I'm a bit confused.


Here's my system specs, maybe someone knows why this is happening???


Home Built PC:

-Asus P5N32-E SLI

-SLI setup with 2 EVGA 7950GT 512MB

-Intel Core2 Duo e4300

-4GB DDR2 RAM (800Mhz)


- Vista Ultimate 64bit


I've just done a fresh install of Vista (formatted and reinstall... NOT a restore of any kind). I have every current Vista update and I'm running all the latest Vista drivers for all my hardware (downloaded new driver sets yesterday).



It seems to me that when the game first loads it doesn't ID my drivers/hardware or doesn't find a match so they've decided that since they can't ID my hardware... it "must" be slow... so it defaults everything to the lowest possible setting. Of course I can change that, and they work... but I don't know how to get the title screen to show the battles.


It's probably something easy to change too, like...

Display RealTime battle menu = yes/no.


Since I'm not a modder and I don't deal with all the possible INI settings I'm hoping someone here knows what I'm talking about.


Here are some pics to illustrate more.... like I said, the games are maxed on all settings and play fine.... it's just the main menu.



STATIC -- Here's my screen.... the menu works fine, but all I get is the non- motion picture.



In Realtime 3D Motion --...and here's a pic of how it should look.. and this is running on my old laptop, lol.




thanks for any ideas.

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from my undersatnding of what I'm reading... the correct term is the "shell map".... so...


Both Generals and Zero Hour are not playing the "Shell Map" during the main menu in the back gound.


Maybe that will help anyone else trying to help me solve this.

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Guest Rabbit

Please don't post the same topic twice, even in separate forums.

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