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Editting with TibEd 2 beta

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Install everything you are supposed to (read your other post),

1. Open a new project


2. Click "open window" button in tibed


3. Expand the "full assets" list


4. Scroll down and expand "weapon template" list


5. Click the weapon you want to change


6. in the window on the right scroll down though the xml file and look for "WeaponTemplateNuggetDamageNugget"


Under DamageNugget you will see the value "damage="<number>""


7. Change that value to what you want the damage to be.


NOTE: If you decide to edit more than one weapon you will need to delete the "defines" in all but one weapon. You cant build a mod unless you do this. Simply highlight all the lines starting at <defines> and ending with </defiines> and hit delete on your keyboard. Make sure not to leave a blank line where you deleted the defines from.


IE. After you delete the defines it should look like this





Defines normally is between them (P.S. it is not a typo to leave the ">" off of the end of weapontemplate, it is added a little further down).


Koen knows about the problem and is working on fixing it.

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If you make a certain unit really strong then try to make them cost an arm and a leg, that way the computer will be less inclined to purchase one. The computer likes to produce the cheapest unti it can as fast as possible.


You can also build super weapons and change the time which it takes to use it and increase the damage and radius.


If you just want to crush the game then use a trainer, that way the computer wont get any of the advantages you will.

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Well 1.09, thats what it has to be for TibEd 2 beta to work right?


I used TibEd to beat the GDI campaign.

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No it only has to be 1.07 for the sdk to work with it (which means tibed to work with it)


It is just tibed sets the skudef to 1.09 and if you are using 1.08 (like me) or 1.07 You have to manually edit the file.


I may update to 1.09 but my internet connection at home sucks and i dont like doing it unless I have to.


Plus I use a crack so I dont have to keep getting the disk out when I want to play and you need the original executable and disk to get an update. My disk is in a box in the garage (moved recently), I keep a backup of the original files for when I need to go online but I am way to lazy to go and unpack anything extra now so if I do an update I have to download the whole thing.


As for a trainer I sent you a pm with the address to one for 1.09

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To keep the download size down, TibEd only targets a single version of the game. So the next version will target 1.9 only.

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