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It's good to BE back, Sonic. (Oh, and I've always wondered this... did you get your name from Sonic the Hedgehog or was it something you came up with? Hehe...)

Funny.....but no.

My name comes from my favourite NBA team, the Seattle SuperSonics.


Is your avatar part of the Tampa Bay Lightning logo?

Thats what is looks like to me.

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awwwww i thought it was sonic the hedghog..... NOW i dont know what to THINK..... MY world is CRUMBLING AROUND ME..........



*runs out of room screaming* :shock: :shock:

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I post alot, i like regulars, im a regular i like good topics with lots of envolvement and i hate people that join and NEVER POST THOSE @#[email protected]#&$^&* SON OF [email protected]#[email protected]#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry....*breathes deeply*

you understand me sooner or later too.... :shock: :shock:


If you want people to post more often have more valid threads to post to. That is what a forum is all about. A Mod or Project to those who are involved in the C&C world would greatly effect people to stay. Those who like to talk a tad to much is what I like to call Spam topics. Go to a chat room if you need that much interaction online.


LitBolt did you happen to get the name from FinalFantasy by chance?

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Guest LitBolt

I origionally wanted to be called "Lightning Bolt", but that rarely fit on any sort of name entry thing. So when I got Final Fantasy 2 for my SNES and saw "Lit-Bolt" in the opening movie, I decided that worked too. It was sort of a combination thing, as I had thought about it a bit before that. Heh. My avatar is a lightning spell button from the first Diablo. I only has the demo of it, but I found that it was the only thing lightning-related that I had lying around that met the requirements here.


'k. Thanks for clearing that up Sonic... I'd just always wondered. Hehe.

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Stinger is your name as in teh missile?! :roll: :arrow:


It is part of my older name Stingray. Playing Delta Force (a covert ops type game) online it somewhat changed when I started to become a very good sniper. I started to hear the word sting alot. Hence a little name change.

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