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Petro-Gamers Changes

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As you may have noticed we have been very silent for past month here at Petro-Gamers, with only a few news items being posted. Basically we had to step away from Petro-Gamers for awhile and then decide what direction to take this site. We have have private discussions and decided that Petro-Gamers should continue. But there are changes planned. And the first change is the Petro-Gamers Forums. Back December 2006 we open our new forums but overtime they never caught on so we feel its best to scale them back, so with that said they have now been merged into their own section on the CNCNZ.com Forums. You can click here to access the new Petro-Gamers Forums. And we won't be adding many forums to this new section, just a news forum and general forums for Universe at War and Empire at War. Should you require more indepth discussion we recommend the Petroglyph Forums, which a far more active than our old forums.


If your a subscriber to the Petro-Gamers News Feed you will need to update the link to it, the new link is:




You can expect more changes here at Petro-Gamers as we get the site back on track.

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