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Idea of a UaW Fun-Tournament (after all releases)

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<span class="postbody">Hi,




I ordered my copy of UaW today (europe) and am now really looking forward to it ( "Conquer me! ... No, over here!!" icon_biggrin.gif ).




So I had a spontaneous idea. How about a fun-based tournament in February, when all players got their copies, could train a bit but the game is still fresh. I think there will be probably a lot of players wo want to check out multiplayer. So like a gaming night which could, if there is interest, be continued by more tourneys or a ladder for example (website based).




It would not take that much time to to line it up (got some experience).




Worth giving a try?



Author: Triceratops | Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 3:50 AM (GMT 0) | Total Comments: 0

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yeah that would be great, i don't have the game yet, but as soon as it arrives to my country(if it ever arrives) i will buy it an start training lol

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