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Universe at War Fansite Kit Released

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After a long wait, the fansite kit for Universe at War has been released. So what's inside, here is the list.

  • 360 Theme
  • Concept Art
  • Desktop Background Images
  • Ingame Icons
  • Posters
  • Unit Renders
  • Fonts
  • Logos (Factions, Petroglyph, SEGA, UAW)
  • and the UAW reference documents


Well, it's been a good wait, but it's finally here! You can download the fansite kit by clicking here.

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You should have put, "Thanks to Saracen for badgering the hell outta Driph to get the Fansite Kit out into the public domain!" :P


No need to put that of course, but it's true, I did badger Driph until he submitted to my demands...

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