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Napoleon the Clown

Unit buildable, image won't appear

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I've made a new unit that is buildable in game, but the image won't appear in game. When I say this I mean that I can't see it. The health bar appears when I manage to click the unit, but it has absolutely no image otherwise. Here's the art entry:








And here's the rules entry:




Name=Jabber Tank



































ThreatPosed=40 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons


DamageSmokeOffset=10, 10, 25











This is all for Yuri's Revenge, obviously.


Phal is an unused voxel, so it should be there.

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try including Image:Phal... it might help... i always add the image line just in case... otherwise... i see no problems with the code... unless of course... i'm blind... then :'(

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I had the exact same problem, with both a building and a voxel unit



I wanted to create a new Telsa kinda unit, but using the same type of voxel for it, I thought that when I add


Image=TTNK which is Telsa Tank Cameo and I figured prob the same if I am not wrong, if I am how can I get the correct unit names and such I know that for Unit, I do lets say i make a new Shock Trooper with a Cameo, if I put Image=SHK It will do the shock trooper



Let me ask, whenever I modifiy the cameo.mix do i just add it there or make a new mix file? how does that work? *still learning* lol

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*sigh* You don't have to modify the cameo.mix file. It's not necessary. Simply put your cameos inside your mod's ecache mix.


When you use Image=whatever, you use the whole unit image, not just the cameo.

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To make it real simple, edit the cameo.mix file, add in you cameo, go to RA2.mix, extract local.mix and insert your voxel file and and hva file. Then recompact your cameo.mix and local.mix files back to where they belong. Finally your art.ini entry should look like this:


(XXXX is the code for your unit [like SMCV for the soviet mcv])

(the y's are the name of the cameo image)

(the z's are the name of the voxel for you unit)

(also the z's are the name of the .hva file for your unit

you should have one)










I could guide you through this step-by-step on MSN around 9:00 PST (you have to keep trying to contact me if I dont reply on any given day, I might be busy)

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edit the cameo.mix file

For the last mother****ing time, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EDIT THE CAMEO.MIX FILE. An ecache file will be just fine.







Explain how a voxel doesn't require Voxel=yes. :roll:

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Ok. I don't need the trash talk. Anyways, my method doesn't need the voxel=yes, I know because I did it. Also, you can edit the cameo.mix file, but you don't have to. I never said that you had to. Thats how I got it to work though. If you don't like the way I do things, tell it to somebody who cares, because I don't. I gave this answer in order to help the person with the question, not to get feedback from people who think they know it all. I have used this method before and it works for me. If it doesn't work for you, don't use it. I can stay cool no matter what you say so don't bother trying to get me angry.

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You didn't answer my comment. How do you have a voxel unit without Voxel=yes in the art entry?



Specifies whether or not the unit’s image file (dictated by its header) is a voxel, and thus the game should treat it differently than a SHP file. Some tags will check this tag first to see if it is set to “yes”.


Okay, first off, there is ONE method for creating a voxel unit and one method alone. You make the entry and add the one required statement. PERIOD. Voxels REQUIRE the Voxel=yes tag else they WILL NOT work.


Another thing, Image= only checks for the voxel file, not the HVA. The game seeks it out via the Voxel=yes tag. It makes sure each piece has the corresponding HVA else it won't show or, if it's a starting unit, crash the game outright.


people who think they know it all

In the interest of keeping things straight, I've been in this community far longer. I'd estimate about 4 years now and I don't think you have the right or ability to call me a n00b. I DO know about everything so don't tell me what you think I know.


If it doesn't work for you, don't use it

It doesn't work. I can ask anyone who knows a thing or two about modding this game. They'd all say the same thing: Voxel units REQUIRE the Voxel=yes tag.


I can stay cool no matter what you say so don't bother trying to get me angry.

So you say... I was merely pointing out a flaw with your post; that's it. If you take it that way, fine, that's your deal, not mine.

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lol... fenring knows a lot more than most people here... i only heard that he learned something once.. and that's it...

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Yes, many moons ago I too was learning this myself. Though, I came across adding stuff all on my own after playing with the files. Rarely do I ask for assistance on issues. I just learn advanced workarounds and such and do some random testing on a fourth side here and there.


But my knowledge is limited to RA1, TS and RA2/YR. I've not gone forward with Generals/Zero Hour or BFME quite yet but I will soon. I'll also move on to Dawn of War to make an RA1 mod for that. Will be good fun.

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And I'll back up on that voxel yes tag. Fenring you know that not all people will listen when you give help. Let them waste their time figuring it out.


I'm going to go off topic but I have a question. I've been in the csf file (Many times) looking for the UI name of "Sell Mode" which appears on the in-game screen of RA2/YR. Any body happen to know what the UI name is called?

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You mean like the tooltip for the sidebar or the fake sell unit superweapon? I don't think think either exist normally. The tootlips are pretty much hardcoded though I might be wrong and the superweapon is an addition.


EDIT: Check through the GUI: section of the string file.

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i don't know.. try under name= section in the csf... i wizzed through the posts, so i'm not sure we're talking about the same thing.... sorry if i'm not...

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The tool tip of the side bar yes. I figured all of that stuff was hardcoded I was just messing around with the display wondering if I could use some of the tools as something else other than the display bar at the bottom. Of course the Name section just cracked me up on all the stuff left from TS. I messed with the grinder to say "Trash Compactor" just for laughs. I checked out the GUI area and didn't see anything related. I didn't want to string another tag if it existed and just happen to wonder if anyone knew off hand. Guess I would have to mess with those executive files or what not, but that's getting too involved. Thanks.

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