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Technology GDI VS NOD


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  1. 1. Who has the most great technology

    • GDI
    • NOD

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Ok in the history Line GDI are all the more stronger nations of the world like USA, Ingland, Germany ect. and NOD are all the 3th world nation, but if you compare the tecnology of the last two tiberian wars. You see something interesting.




Rail Guns.

Sensor Pod.

Stratofigthers Booster.

Sonic Technology.

Ion Cannon.

Bombard Techonology.

Firestorm Tecnology.

Shockwave Tecnology.

Artillery Tecnology.

Infantery Armor and weapon upgrades.

Orca Aircraft technology.

Heavy tank strategy ( Mammoth Tank and Titan )

Antigravity Tanks

Jump Jet Infantery





Tiberian Technology ( tiberian liquid Bomb and Tiberian Infantery Upgrades).

Nuclear Technology.

Laser Technology.

Subterranean Technology.

Stealth Technology.

Mines Technology.

Fire tecnology.

Fanatics Tactics.

Confusion Tactics.

Cyborg Tecnology.

Artillery Technology.

Plasma Technology.

Multiple Misiles tactics.

Avatar upgrades tactics.

Fast tanks Units.

Shadow Silence air Tactics.


For my the technology of NOD is very avance the same like GDI only the units are lest stronger, what is your opinion and if a forget something

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Nod, by far. And you're forgetting Nod's awesome multimissile, and they have artillery as well, along with plasma tech. And GDI also has orca's.

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Yeah, GDI V/tol tech is a strong point.

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Nod technology has always been superior.

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Ghost Stalker needs to go to Nod.

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He is, they grabbed him and made him into a Cyborg Commando! :P

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Hahaha. The CC is more kickass. And I guess C4 wouldn't have mattered: he's too slow to place it anyway. By the time he gets there the building is filled with plasma molten material.

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Nod have stealth, tib weapons, flame weapons, and laser weapons so i say Nod

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Since no-one else has made the tradtional comment - I will - GDI wins (SP) therefore GDI technology is better.

Good Guys FTW!

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Nod cause it's amazing how they can stealth their tanks with a multi rocket launcher on it. Not to mention it's fast. Laser technology just simply owns.

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C&C :: Reality


GDI: +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +0 +1 +0 -1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 = 10

Rail Guns. > Exists, but not yet portable.

Sensor Pod. > Theoretically could exist, if stealth existed it, it probably could be detected.

Stratofighters Booster. > Exists, except does not make units 'teleport'.

Sonic Technology. > Unrealistic, nevertheless, ultrasonic waves have been used for various reasons.

Ion Cannon. > None.

Bombard Technology. = This is more of a tactic than technology, nevertheless, exists.

Firestorm Technology. > None.

Shockwave Technology. = Theoretically could exist, if such desired to be made.

Artillery Technology. < Modern artillery is actually better, using ICM (Improved Conventional Munitions).

Infantry Armor and weapon upgrades. > Not as good.

Orca Aircraft technology. > Exists, but inferior.

Heavy tank strategy > The tactic of heavy tanks was mutually discarded after WWII and replaced with MBTs (Main Battle Tank).

Antigravity Tanks > Although I would call these hovercraft, which exist, they are inferior.

Jump Jet Infantry > Could exist, but would be impractical with current technology.


NOD: +1 -1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +0 +0 +0 +1 -1 +1 +0 +1 +0 +1 = 7

Tiberium Technology > Does not exist for obvious reasons.

Nuclear Technology. < Real nuclear bombs are far superior in most ways.

Laser Technology. > Although lasers exist, they cannot inflict this type of damage.

Subterranean Technology. > Exists, but is quite inferior.

Stealth Technology. > That which does exist, cannot compare.

Mines Technology. > Mines are not new, however magnetic mines and/or limpet drones are.

Fire technology. = Exists, flamethrowers, flame tanks, black napalm, all exist.

Fanatics Tactics. = Exists.

Confusion Tactics. = Exists.

Cyborg Technology. > None. Not to a degree that can compare.

Artillery Technology. < Modern artillery is actually better, using ICM (Improved Conventional Munitions).

Plasma Technology. > Exists, but is quite inferior.

Multiple Missiles tactics. = Exists.

Avatar upgrades tactics. > None.

Fast tanks Units. = Exists.

Shadow Silence air Tactics. > To a certain degree, could exist.


So, compared to reality, GDI is in the lead.


My conclusion?



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