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TeamXbox Reviews UaW 360

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TeamXbox has reviewed Universe at War: Earth Assault for the Xbox 360, giving it a 6/10. Here's a snippit:


It’s too bad that technical issues wear down Universe at War. There are some genuinely good ideas in the game, and RTS fans will see a lot of familiarity mixed with uniqueness. But the whole experience of Universe at War ends up being one big chore. If the single player is dull, and the multiplayer is broken, all you’ve got left is playing skirmish mode by yourself. And that will get old after a while anyway. Universe at War: Earth Assault is not the breakthrough RTS game for the consoles. Not by a long shot.

A little rough on UaW in my opinion and they call the music "decent if unobtrusive", I guess he isn't a Klepacki fan. You can read the rest of the review HERE. But on the high note, on IGN, the reader's rating is at an 8.7!

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