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UaW 360 Demo Hits Live Marketplace

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The Universe at War: Earth Assault demo for the Xbox 360 has been released on Xbox LIVE today, a 546 MB size download. If you've been contemplating buying Universe at War for the Xbox 360, this might be the deciding factor for you. The demo version features.....

  • Controller Tutorial - Learn the new 360 control scheme as Novus prepares to leave their homeworld for Earth.
  • Multiplayer Conquer the World - Battle it out with other players over Live for control of Turkestan and Kamchatka.
  • Single Player Skirmish - Tired of the online beatdown, but still feeling that burning desire to lay claim to Kamchatka? Take on the AI in single player mode. Then, when you're done, do the same in Turkestan!

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I tried it, and I cant seem to get much more than the traning mode. It freezes on other modes and I have to return to the dashboard. can someone help?

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