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Petroglyph and True Games Team Up

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Hot of the press, kind off, Petroglyph and True Games Interactive have announced that they are working together on an upcoming Free-to-Play micro-transaction based online game for the PC. Here is the press release.



The Two Companies Working on a Global Free-to-Play, Micro-Transaction Based Online Game


Orange County , Calif. --April 15, 2008 - True Games Interactive ( www.truegamesinteractive.com ), a new global online game publisher announced today that it is partnering with award winning game developer Petroglyph. The two companies are working together on an upcoming Free-to-Play micro-transaction based online game for the Personal Computer. True Games will operate the Western version and collaborate with foreign publishers for global publishing opportunities.


The Petroglyph team is best known for its award winning Star Wars®: Empire At War™ and Universe at War™ series, with members also playing a key role in creating the original Command and Conquer™ series, while at Westwood Studios. The founders of Petroglyph elected to break away from Westwood and start the new development studio, utilizing their unique vision, when the rest of the Westwood team was relocated by Electronic Arts.


"The Petroglyph founding team pioneered the Real-Time Strategy genre and they continue to innovate in this segment. It is an honor to partner with them for this game," said Jeff Lujan, Chief Publishing Officer at True Games Interactive. "Petroglyph is known for high quality RTS games that appeal on a global level, and when combined with True Games' expertise in the micro-transaction arena we have the recipe for an international blockbuster."


"The management at True Games has a truly impressive background and knowledge of the Free-to-Play and micro-transaction based space on a global scale," said Chuck Kroegel, CEO and General Manager of Petroglyph. "This partnership is a perfect match for us."


Unlike other worldwide products where publishing partners in international markets are signed and added on late in development or "licensed" after the product is available in one market, True Games and Petroglyph will work with leading publishers in territories across the world to adapt the game for cultural tastes in each territory for a true worldwide launch. They are currently evaluating international partners in all major regions.


"Many Free-to-Play games on the market today have already launched in other territories giving the U.S. market little to no input into the development and features," said Bob Drobish, Chief Operating Officer at True Games Interactive. "This product will be a true cohesive effort between the development and publishing teams and we have total faith it will produce a high-quality product."


True Games was founded by two former K2 Network Executives, who bring together expertise in micro-transaction operations and Global Publishing. True Games is based in Orange County , California and plans to launch its first title in 2008. For more information about True Games Interactive visit the company's website at www.truegamesinteractive.com.

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So hey from the other side... but what does this mean?


When they talk about free-to-play games - I think of popcap - but what am I supposed to be thinking of???

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