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UaW360 Review by GameFocus

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Canadian gaming site GameFocus has posted their review of Universe at War: Earth Assault on the Xbox 360. Here's a snippet:



- Great graphics and effects

- Sound, voices and music are good

- Good controls at times but could be better

- Three factions with totally different units and play styles

- Nice campaign length



- Extreme frame rate issues at times, the game will crawl during some battles

- User Interface is not well done

- Hard to learn what each thing does by its icon as tool tips take a while to pop up (even if you put their delay to short) and during a battle this means you will die

- Controls could be better but could be worse

Overall, they gave UaW a 7.3, but it should be noted that GameFocus said "the music does become something of a bore, with repetition and annoying beats and tempos." Obviously not a Klepacki fan or that experienced in the field of video game music, in my opinion. At any rate, you can read the rest of the review HERE.

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