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PALGN Reviews UaW 360

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An Australian gaming site, the PAL Gaming Network, has posted a review of Universe at War: Earth Assault for the Xbox 360. Here's part of it:


Most importantly - are the controls any good? Most RTS’ are designed to be played in front of a computer screen rather than sitting on your couch, but Universe at War does, for the most part, the best that it can. The controls for the game are an optimisation of RTS controls for a home console rather than perfection. By that, we mean that yes, the game is very playable with the 360 controller, but if you’ve got a PC capable of running the game - or indeed any decent RTS - don’t go out of your way to get the game expecting a revolution in control.


The design for the control is simple. Developers Petroglyph Games have taken what definitely works on consoles - namely, the first-person shooter - and transposed the idea to their strategy game. Essentially, this means that what the player is doing is aiming the viewpoint at units to select them, rather than moving a reticle like a mouse pointer. It works well in practice, and the ability to change perspective makes good, logical use of the controller’s dual analogue sticks. Unfortunately, the control system still falls prey to one of the biggest RTS-console issues: it’s too complex.

Overall, they gave UaW a 6.5 out of 10. You can read the rest of the review HERE.

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