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Petro-Gamers Roundtable Discussion #1

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It has been working so well on CNCNZ.com for over six months, we decided it was time to bring it to Petro-Gamers. This the debut of the Roundtable Discussion here on Petro-Gamers. For those who don't know how it works, let me explain. The Roundtable Discussion feature is where the Petro-Gamers staff and selected people from the Petroglyph community all come together to share their opinions about the most interesting or biggest news topics. The invited people could be from other well known sites or people who contribute to the Petroglyph community in various other ways. One thing is for sure the answers given are not sugar coated, they are presented to you as honest opinions.



We invited some the leading names in the Petroglyph community for our first Roundtable.

We have all shared our thoughts on topics like Universe at War as a franchise, Adam Isgreen, Petroglyph's & True Games and the Petroglyph community. So click here to read Petro-Gamers Roundtable Discussion #1.

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