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Lasted Updated: 27 August 2018 by Plokite_Wolf


These rules are to be observed and followed by all members and staff of the CNCNZ.com Forums. By registering and/or posting on our forums you agree to abide by these rules.

  1. Make sure you are posting your topics and threads in the right forums. Our moderators will move topics to the correct forums if they are found to be posted in the wrong forum.
  2. Please try to stay on topic. Threads specifically in the Command & Conquer News forum must remain on topic at all times. There is no exception to this rule. Any off topic posts will be deleted without any reason given by a moderator or administrator.
  3. We reserve the right to close/edit/delete any topic posted on our forums. If this happens to something you have posted and you are not sure why, feel free to send a private message to a moderator or administrator asking why the post was removed or changed.
  4. Don't encourage the closing of topics. Leave the moderating to the moderators.
  5. Try to avoid posting in old topics. By this we mean topics that have not been posted in for the 4-6 month range. This is called "necroposting", nobody is interested in them any more. Exceptions will be made if the post is reason enough to warrant restarting the discussion - an example being a very specific tech support issue, or a solution to a question asked long ago.
  6. Do not argue with the Admin/Moderating team. The decisions made are usually considered final. If you have a problem with a moderator's actions, feel free work it out with them over the private message system, or contact an admin.
  7. Keep these forums safe for work. No porn, gore or other obscenities.
  8. Avoid personal attacks or insults towards other forum members. If you don't agree with what someone posted, debate their post... not the person who posted it.
  9. Avoid discussing religion, ethnicity, or politics. It tends to cause problems. A discussion alone isn't against the rules, but if it turns into an argument, action will be taken.
  10. We've removed the word filter. You can use bad words now. This is the Internet. But be reasonable. If your posts are full of curse words, we're probably going to warn you.
  11. Don't post or discuss anything related to copied/ripped/downloaded versions or content of any games (C&C or otherwise) or other software applications. Under no circumstances should you post questions or replies offering methods to circumvent copy protection schemes. Exceptions are only made for games which have previously been released as freeware.
  12. Try to keep your signatures and avatars at a reasonable size. If we feel they're too large, we'll ask you to resize them or delete them.
  13. No giant fonts with ugly colours, it makes the forums look bad. Use the font sizes and colours sensibly.

We believe these rules to be fair. We reserve the right to change or add to these rules as we see fit. If you have problems with these rules and would like to discuss them with the Administrator or you want to report a serious problem please contact the forum administrators.


The CNCNZ.com Forums Admin Team.