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  2. All you need to do is stay calm and copy the file ddraw.dll over the internet to a specific location or try searching for the file first in order to fix the ddraw.dll file.
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  5. PurpleGaga27

    The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    I haven't updated this in a long time, until now. Looks like Valve has given up on Artifact since it can't make any money. Its trading card game is now free to download on Steam and will no longer be updated. Despite the expensive success of Half-Life Alyx, I'll bet people still want them to make Half-Life 3.
  6. Inferno

    Now Playing - Games

    playing some hearthstone and randomly some C&C games, occasionally Path of Exile or FO3/NV. I don't really play games like I used to.
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  8. I'm getting the impression it is unheard of for anyone's generals to not work after all the known fixes have been tried. Just my luck :(
  9. Well the laptop has been switched off/restarted multiple times since I Installed the dx R files. As over the last few days I have of course tried the above steps in my post over the several days as I learned of them. So yes I will have tried to run the game after reboot after install I'm sure. Still get error. And I'm pretty sure it was the correct download I installed, although if you could link me to where they are I can double check I downloaded the correct files.
  10. Hi Everyone, How do Silo's work? I play some skirmishes where resources are plenty. I have 20+ refineries and 30+ Harvesters. If they harvesters are full, and depositing money, but not enough silo's, then what happens? The money is wasted? Or, does the money wait until Silo's are done? How much does a Silo hold? Maybe 1500 Tiberium? Thanks
  11. Plokite_Wolf

    Direct x8.1 error persists. Tried everything.

    Have you rebooted the system after installing the missing DX9 files? They are installed in system-level directories and will only get properly loaded on bootup.
  12. Hi. This is kind of a last resort as I don't know what else I can try. I have the dreaded "directx 8.1, check you video card" (you know the one) error. I have scoured the internet and youtube to every "fix" video I can find. Tried them all, and nothing works. My laptop is a dell g5 5587, Intel I7 8th gen 8750H, GTX 1060 6GB, 16gb ram, windows 10 pro 1903, directx 12, screen resolution 3840x2160. The version of generals I have is the origin ultimate collection, but I have tried fixes on the downloaded version from oldgamesdownload.com just to make sure it wasn't the version at fault. Just to lay out a little bit what exactly I have tried. 1). The simple, and many a time quoted "deleting of the dbghelp.dll" out of both generals and zero hour folders. Still gives me the directx error. 2). Tried to create the options folder copy and pasting the templates from "fix" videos and web pages and saving it as options.ini into the generals directory in my documents. Then also changing the resolution to the same one as mine once that didn't work. Still get the error. 3). as suggested by generals legionnaire, checked that the folders which should appear in the my documents folder haven't unwittingly been put into microsoft one drive, it wasn't even set up, and the files were in my documents as they should. 4). starting from a fresh install, tried multiple different resolutions in the options.ini. Still gave directx error every time. 5). downloaded the official microsoft directx redistribution files to replace any missing directx folders should that have been the case. Still get directx error. 6). Starting from a fresh install again (to void fixes contradicting fixes, if that can happen), ran 2 fix packages. First a resolution fix package downloaded from www.computech21.com. still get the error. Second (again starting from a fresh install) followed the steps on this brilliant site (cncnz) step by step, installing the brilliant gen patcher and all its extras (hd package, gen tool etc). checked the files after, and all changes the gen patcher does I could see had been implemented, aswell as noticing the resolution change on the blue generals loading screen just before it pops up with the directx error and kills it. still get the error. Then (fresh install again) I also tried the gen patcher fixes after also downloading and installing the TUC launchers fix beforehand from moddb.com. Still get the error. I have tried these fixes too in combinations, still no dice. I really don't know what the problem is. All these helpful fixes that are getting other peoples generals working on windows 10 are just not touching mine it seems. Just what else could be wrong? I have never failed to get one of my all time favourite game series games working on my new laptop, even if it took patches and fan made fixes galore to do so. Is this really going to be the first one I will not get working? is there really nothing more to try? I'm pinning my hopes on one of you great people of this site being my saviour. many thanks for reading.
  13. Cygnus X-1

    Now Playing - Games

    I think that's part of the appeal of the Pokemon games is that they are fun and mildly challenging but pretty easy if you just want to get through them. I always enjoyed various generations of them although it has been a while. I think Heartgold was the last time I really played
  14. handscomb863

    Now Playing - Games

    I am currently playing game right now is pokemon y (https://romsworld.online/pokemon-y-rom/) and this game was quite a fun experience. It was the first pokemon game that I ever fully played, and I really couldn't enough of it. The game was pretty easy.
  15. Cygnus X-1

    Now Playing - Games

    And I recently resurrected RA2/YR via CnC net patch. Been rocking those out again. Don't have time or dedication for massive new games, that's the roommates job
  16. PurpleGaga27

    Free giveaway on promotional game(s) -- post them here

    Since May of 2019, I posted the recent free giveaway of games in the Revora forums: https://forums.revora.net/topic/113152-free-giveaway-on-promotional-games-post-them-here
  17. PurpleGaga27

    Now Playing - Games

    Finished playing Cyberpunk 2077.... twice. One on male v and one on female v. Now waiting for a DLC expansion coming soon.
  18. PurpleGaga27

    What is Joseph Kucan username?

    I don't think he uses social media at all. Pretty much Kane is a private person with a private life.
  19. LucasSK

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    Tiberium Resurrection 5.0 development update #3 After yet another month of development, the project is getting closer to its biggest update by far. The update is now expected to roll out by the end of the March or in the early April. We have much more stuff to unveil, but I have been told not to write too long posts, so lets try to sum up some key points of the development over the last month! 😛 Firstly, Nod is getting 4 new units to counter GDI forces with. All of them excell at different scenarios and they are soo much fun to play with! Beware GDI (props to Tiberius and Hamed). Light Tank A new type of light tank, introduced after the Tick Tank's lack of mobility was found to be too hindering. This new tank has an extremely low profile, meant to both enhance speed and make it harder for the enemy to hit it. While not very individually powerful, they are fast and capable of accurate moving fire, yet more survivable than the older Ticks were in their undeployed form. They work well both as a more flexible frontline to Nod's lighter units, or by using their speed to outmaneuver the enemy and creating holes in their defenses. Howitzer While not as powerful as fully-fledged artillery, the strength of this unit lies in its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. In true Nod fashion they are cheap, easy to mass-produce and just light enough to quickly be where they are needed. They are a perfect companion to heavier units such as tanks or cyborgs, making up for the lack of firepower or range of said units. Their accessibility makes it easy for Nod to always field versatile, mixed formations and potentially turn the tide against GDI's lumbering giants. "Swatter" Anti-Air Tank Given its nickname as a way of mocking the GDI airforce, this unit was introduced to help facilitate Nod's move back to a more mobile, aggressive approach to fighting GDI, by providing reliable anti-air coverage out in the field. With the newer Orca fighters being both sturdier and faster than their older cousin, Nod's bikes and hand-held rocket launchers were simply no longer up to the task. This tank is actually heavier than Nod's new MBT, as it is meant to withstand bombardment if need be, and stop the enemy aircraft getting to Nod's more fragile units. Despite its armour however, it is not meant for use as a frontline tank, as its weaponry is designed to reliably hit moving aircraft, not punch through GDI ground forces. Mobile Rocket Platform Nod's deploying artillery was found to be a poor match with their aptitude for speed and flexibility, and with GDI introducing artillery of their own, its raw power was no longer deemed a good trade-off. Nod has instead opted for using rockets for long-range bombardment, as they don't produce a recoil that necessitates the unit rooting itself to fire. While they do sacrifice a small bit of range, their mobility allows them to more easily get in range, and immediately start firing. This means that he moment GDI wants to maneuver their artillery positions, they become very vulnerable. Secondly, the development of Propaganda Forecast progressed by miles! The map itself should be done by a week or so with triggers and stuff to follow. These are just some of the locations you can run into while passing through the map (WIP). Old Civilian Factory Suburbs Nod Outpost Beta Next up, HUD and interface have been enhanced further thanks to the work and dedication of bk. In-game menu enhancements New GDI briefing screen In addition to this, further OSTs have been released. Alex remixed some well known tracks and Hamed composed a new one this time. Gas beats Nod Crush Remix Linkup remix If you want to contribute, we still search for more testers, voice actors and shp artists! In-case you fit into any of these roles and have some free time, please contact me on TR dicord: https://discord.gg/jwRerrV and help us deliver the best update possible 😏 Have a great day!
  20. Plokite_Wolf

    What is Joseph Kucan username?

    We could exchange favourite waffle recipes
  21. He should though. He'd probably bring some life back here.
  22. Plokite_Wolf

    What is Joseph Kucan username?

    He doesn't frequent the site.
  23. What is Joseph Kucan username?
  24. Tonight is the first night of a C&C birthday like no other - the community is organizing an 8-day marathon of multiplayer game nights in C&C Renegade and its standalone mods to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the game (released on 26 February 2002, Wikipedia is wrong ). Full information is available on the event's Discord server, and if you have issues running vanilla Renegade make sure you've installed it using our guide.
  25. Can anyone reupload it please?
  26. Shadow-Fox

    Frank Klepacki - Grinder Lyrics

    Someone I know understood "Тревога, тревога, тревога, нас атакуют" or "Тревога, тревога, тревога, на нас напали" In English: "Alarm, alarm, alarm, we're under attack" or "Alarm, alarm, alarm, we were attacked" He couldn't quite understand the second part, but it has to be one of the two.
  27. The C&C animation series Direct & Dominate: Absolute Units is back from its brief hiatus with episode 6, following Pathfinder, Packer and Paycheck as they enter a large Viktor/Nod base to learn how exactly Tiberium is processed. The production level of these episodes is noticably ramping up... After watching, check out the newest blooper scene, and consider supporting the project on Patreon and/or Ko-fi.
  28. Text is managed in ra2.csf. Find and download RA2StrEdit to edit it and add new strings. These new strings will not be stored with the map file, so if you transfer the map to anyone else, they will also need the .csf file to see your custom text.
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