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  2. Hell March to the Apocalypse is then and still indeed (only the few people like me to say this) the best Hell March cover ever. Tony Dickinson (aka Prince of Darkness) first did this awesome cover and even had the Tiberian Sons band performed it along with him, and now Frank Klepacki is going to perform with them? Epic! I wonder if Frank Klepacki will ever do his cover version of Hell March to the Apocalypse one day.
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  4. A truly unique event has just been announced a few hours ago. The legendary video game composer Frank Klepacki will join forces with the band The Tiberian Sons, who are known for their video game theme metal covers, including Hell March To The Apocalypse. They will perform Command & Conquer themes live at MAGFest in National Harbor, Maryland (just outside Washington D.C.) that will take place on January 3rd-6th, 2019. More info can be found on the official MAGFest website. Let's hope it will be recorded and posted online, because that just sounds too awesome to miss!
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  6. anderwin

    Post Your C&C Collections

    Got some more big box ofc is command & conquer stuff Red Alert 1 big box sealed. Command & Conquer Commemorative edition sealed (A small hole in the back) Tiberian sun from brasil sealed. Red Alert Counterstike Asia only sealed. Red Alert 1 t-shirt rare ! Tiberian sun ads from a magazine Cool to have
  7. He has also done something similar few days ago on OpenRA forums and on CnCNet forums. No big deal. I guess he just want people to keep the discussion flowing.
  8. Jim made a small update again on the subreddit. Nothing too substantial but it's nice that he's keeping in touch.
  9. commanderKW

    How to make mod maps in TW?

    Those tutorials seems pretty good; I've found them helpful
  10. FireWeaponUpdate seems to have problems - I've had difficulties modding with that module. As a workaround - you can give the unit a short ranged, large radius, weapon with an invisible firing effect. And add a cosmetic effect to the unit to simulate it the damaging aura
  11. commanderKW

    Parachute stuff

    Would you post the link to that?
  12. Houseplant

    Video of the day

    Classic Jurassic park: https://youtube.com/HzZkNdn5hpA
  13. Sometimes, things happen in just a short time in this community, usually after a long lull. Our friend @Banshee from Project Perfect Mod wrote an intriguing article on the importance of proper UI in Command & Conquer. OpenRA fan who goes by the handle N/a made the October 2018 issue of the OpenRA magazine called "The Chrono", which you can read here. The project that was until now known as RedAlert++ is now renamed to Chronoshift. It is still very much in development despite being publicly silent for the most part, with a public repository expected to be released within the next week or so.
  14. Nmenth

    Dev Detector: Eric Gooch

    Must be down again, it doesn't load for me...
  15. Welcome, everyone, to the second Dev Detector interview! If you're just joining us, it's our new feature where we catch up with former Command & Conquer developers, reminisce on the good old days and perhaps learn a thing or two from behind the scenes. In this iteration, our guest is Eric Gooch, artist at Westwood Studios between 1992 and 2003, currently a freelancer working for Bend Studio, and best known to the community as the iconic character Seth from the original Command & Conquer from 1995. We've asked him about the process of imagining units and other objects, the origin story of his role as Seth, his current project, and more. Read it all right here.
  16. Plokite_Wolf

    CNCNZ.com Roundtable Discussion #37

    My thoughts too. So glad it was this fruitful.
  17. Nyerguds

    CNCNZ.com Roundtable Discussion #37

    Whoo, hadn't actually taken a look at this. Lots of interesting views in there.
  18. "Indies" Yeah, that's a word that's become increasingly diluted over the years. Game presence on Steam has gone entirely through the roof, and I'm not going to deny it, an awful lot of so-called indie games are nothing but god awful shite! The problem is two-fold. 1) Game development is more accessible than ever. - Game engines like Unity, UE4 and Godot as well as software such as Clickteam Fusion and GameMaker allow pretty much anyone with some patience and time to make practically anything they wish. 2) The death of Steam Greenlight - Whilst this wasn't foolproof by any means. It was a vetting process in which much of the crap was kept out of Steam. The argument was however that a lot of (now great) games were doing exceptionally well elsewhere, but could never penetrate the Greenlight process. So with Greenlight scrapped, so was that filter. And now any kid with very little vision can pretty much get on Steam with little to no effort. In the beginning of Indie being popular, the industry was seen as a 2-tier thing. You had AAA and then you had anyone without a publisher blanketed into a single group of developers known as Indies. These days, or at least how I see it, the industry is multi-tiered. AAA - We all know this one. Big development farms pumping out great games, or large size studios under the banner of a much larger publishing entity. AA - Moderate Studios under smaller publishing entities which still make solid games. A - 1 man developers or small once indie studios where Publishers have seen potential and have invested funding. Then you have the indie tiers. AAA Indie - These are typically large/moderate studios who have broken away from publishers and have decided to self-fund with reasonably large budgets and produce games that are pretty close or equal to that of a AAA studio. Big Indies - These are moderate/small self-sustaining studios who have come to make a name for themselves and have a strong franchise or following behind them. These are some of the best you can find, and chances are, most people have played or have a strong interest in their games. These guys will get 1,000's of Steam reviews. Core Indies - These are generally 1 man efforts or small studios that still to this day drive the majority of innovation. They're what Indie is all about. Putting maximum effort into their games in an attempt to reach the big indie tier. There are many indies in this category that also have substantial following and will get mentions in the media. But overall they will do enough to turn a profit from what they are capable of doing. It's usually these Indies you find doing Kickstarters. They normally reach 100's to 1,000 Steam reviews. Upstart Indies - The potential for innovation is rife here with this tier, and are becoming numerous. These are 1 man or small teams of 2 or 3 who will attempt to create a game and have the passion to see it through. Somehow though their games will not reach a "Core indie" status. Whether its due to lack of marketing or maybe there's something missing that doesn't quite launch them into the bigger echelons of the industry. Many of their games will be diamonds in the rough though, and it's great when the consumer finds them. These guys will usually get anything from a few to 100 Steam reviews. Trash Indies - Most of the crap that now seems to appear on Steam. Little jimmy was once taught how to create the "Hello World" program in school. Now he's got his hands on a cheap or free engine and he's got a lust for greed and has no clue how to make a decent game. So he makes one for minimal effort with no real skill or effort with basic graphics, adds 100's of achievements and pumps out the same thing under a slightly different skin or name for $.99 a game. If it isn't little Jimmy, it's a greedy individual who's accumulated a crap-tonne of assets and is flipping them off for larger sum of money. No effort here either. Some might actually make a better effort to become an upstart tier. But this is as rare as unicorn shit, or a virgin hooker. As for your observation concerning a lack of RTS games. It's simple. These games require larger budgets, are exceptionally more difficult to develop a decent quality title and the genre these days is considered exceptionally niche in comparison to Turn-based Strategy which has an exceptionally larger market. There also comes the problem that RTS is considerably narrow in scope. Those that do take the Real Time route would rather mix in other sub-genres such as Tower Defence, or just take the decision for Real Time Tactics. Some developers also consider those that demand RTS to be considerably up their own ass. They want a C&C style game, and when they get it there's a foul cry of the game not being decent, original or innovative enough. Or more the case, half the snowflake RTS crowd these days will not touch an RTS unless it has tactical pause, where you can stop it every few seconds cos they can't cope with anything more than 10 APM. Personally I avoid RTS like the plague these days. Even Iron Harvest, which will attempt to make a decent attempt at being a solid RTS, I have no interest in at all. There may come a day where the genre will see a resurgence. But it's going to need a paradigm shift to take it in a new direction.
  19. So that means that if EA would ever ask him back he'd probably just point and laugh
  20. Yeah he works for Sony's Santa Monica studio now as a Senior Social media and marketing. He was a huge influence on God of War's Global Marketing campaign strategy. This of which he won an award for the best official game website godofwar.com. Also he's been the driving force for God of War Mechandise and has been responsible for making it Playstation's most profitable brand. To say Aaron Kaufman is riding high is a bit of an understatement. He's become a behemoth in the world of Sony's Playstation Marketing. As a result he could pretty much go for any job involving online marketing in the entire games industry and they'd snatch him right up!
  21. all i want is a Nintendo Switch Port of C&C and RA Classic, it is all i need just good RTS gameplay
  22. It is Tiberian Twilight, not Tiberium Twilight.
  23. Ever since EA announced that they will remaster a classic C&C title and wanted to ask the community what we wanted, I figured I'd make a short poll... So here it is: What should the next C&C Remaster/Remake/New Game for PC be? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdjX4CmHrG8kTqrm0Tkb0J5lvAjq_xq1WibmtTfdC9_lRKeyA/viewform I reckon that I listened to people left and right, and I made it late in the morning, so please let me know if it needs any changes.
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  25. Oh, dear lord, have mercy upon us...
  26. Well it's about time and a bit tad late for EA to finally realize listening to the fans when EA's political propaganda has gone too far with microtransactions and mismanagement on their future games. But that should not happen to future C&C games. With possible C&C games going to be remastered, which C&C game(s) do you want remastered? But I highly doubt current (and new) EA devs can do anything to remaster older C&C material if only the original ex-Westwood developers were there. C&C95 or C&C Gold was the first C&C game to have been unofficially remastered by Nyerguds. A remaster may need some work on balancing, map zooming (on some of the smallest maps), bringing more effects, and better high-resolution graphics. Even FMVs need to be digitally remastered to HD. This should also apply to C&C Red Alert and Tiberian Sun. C&C Red Alert was the second C&C game to have been unofficially remastered by Iran (a person) with additional assistance from Nyerguds, Hyper and several other modders as it is called Portable RA. Later on OpenRA has led to new opportunities. C&C Sole Survivor.... should not have a remaster, but EA did try to implement that in Generals 2 with MOBA Battle Royale elements, not what C&C fans want. That game should stay abandoned. C&C Tiberian Sun was partially remastered by Tore and Hyper. The popular mod Dawn of the Tiberian Age changed Tiberian Sun even more further. C&C Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge..... I highly doubt EA can remaster this since they lost the source code to it after the transferring from Westwood. Only a remake can be possible. C&C Renegade..... Totem Arts already did a remake called Renegade-X, but mostly on the multiplayer portion. I don't think the original needs a remaster unless it's patched once more for resolution options. C&C Generals/Zero Hour is a must for remastering. The remaster of that needs to be upgraded to the latest SAGE that was used in RA3 and C&C4. It also needs heavy work on the graphics, the balancing, the pathfinding and the AI. The Generals Evolution mod for Red Alert 3 is already looking better than ever as that mod is pretty much that partial remaster of the original. C&C3/Kane's Wrath is another must for remastering. While it can be upgraded to the latest SAGE, it also needs more content in-game, higher resolution graphics, more detailed maps, better camera, more RAM to handle in-game (even for bigger mods), more frames in-game (instead of a 30 FPS limit), more stability and less de-syncs. Plus some music from Frank Klepacki. C&C Red Alert 3/Uprising can be remastered under certain conditions.... cartoonish effects and visuals should be replaced with realistic visuals and effects. Plus more music from Frank Klepacki. Uprising needs heavy re-balancing. C&C4.... better remake it with the original C&C game mechanics and better story than remastering it, but keep the graphics minus cartoonish effects.
  27. So a 2020 release? Assuming nothing deters them from completing the remaster, I'm excited to see it! It would be nice to introduce the newer generation of players to the proper Command & Conquer series, and it's nice for us current and older fans to relive the classics in high-def. I have to wonder if they will reach out to Joe Kucan for some promotional material to further hype the remasters. It would be a smart business move in my opinion.
  28. AuthenticM

    TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    Hey. Yeah, it appears people have moved on. It's understandable, really. You should take a look at OpenRA, which is a fan remake of the old games in a new engine. Also, just yesterday, an official rep of EA contacted the OpenRA team to let them know EA wants to remaster the old C&C games.
  29. Command & Conquer Sole Survivor Online: now with MOBA Battle Royale!
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