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    Desktop / Avatar / Sig Showing Off Thread

    This thread hasn't been updated in two years. Well.... for the first time in a very long time, here's my new desktop with the taskbar hidden.
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  4. Cygnus X-1

    Now Playing - Games

    FWIW Been playing the Hot Wheels expansion on Forza Horizons 3 Talk about a hoot!
  5. FlashLight

    Command & Conquer - Songs

    The new Kane Song is out now! Command & Conquer - Kane Song
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  7. LucasSK

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    Tiberium Resurrection 4.0 changelog Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0ozp310gx3l1vmt/Tiberium+Resurrection+4.0.zip/file Client 📟: - updated TR credits - updated preset skirmish settings General 🌍: - player no longer named "LucasSK" upon installation - merged "the Prologue" addon with the main game (follow instructions in "New Campaign" menu to play it - props to Bittah!) - fixed invisible Armories bug - fixed Infinite Tiberium option turning red tiberium to blue - nerfed the AI (since difficulty "medium" and above was nearly unbeatable) - buildings now lose health much faster when on low power Sountrack 🎧: - added Among the Titans and Legacy of Nod - removed Trib in the Tib Maps 🗺️: - Prologue 1.1 - enhanced version of the Prologue for even better experience - added 2 skirmish maps - Ravine and Desert-ed - remastered Limited Access - updated already existing skirmish maps - fixed City Rally glitches - fixed Tiers of Sorrow forced Ion Storm - removed Fields of Insurgency Game 🎮: GDI: - added Watchman and Atlas Harvester - added new voice lines for APC - updated Disruptor and APC textures - updated Power Plant (needs only 1 upgrade instead of two to produce maximum power) - tweaked Orca Fighter fire sound - tweaked Hover MLRS - tweaked Juggernaut - tweaked JumpJet - tweaked Vulcan Tower and its fire sound - buffed Titan - buffed Tech Center - buffed Refinery - buffed War Factory - buffed Construction Yard - nerfed Wolverine - nerfed Disc Thrower - nerfed EMPulse - nerfed Disruptor - nerfed Orca Bomber - nerfed Ghost Stalker Nod: - added Stealth Harvester, Scarab Tank and Ravager - added new voice lines for Stealth Tank - updated Buggy and Devil's Tongue textures - fixed Buggy turret offset - fixed Reaper firing position - tweaked Devil's Tongue - tweaked Buggy and its fire sound - buffed subterrannean vehicles underground speed - buffed Refinery - buffed War Factory - buffed Temple of Nod - buffed Construction Yard - buffed Laser fence Post - nerfed EMPulse - removed Tick Tank (for now) Civilian/Mutants: - added 4 civilian vehicles - Tanker, Mass Hauler, Flatbed and Lorry - updated Scavenged Tank textures - buffed Mutant Sniper - buffed Mutant - nerfed Tiberian Fiend Other: - added 5 destroyable rocks - added 1 infested city building - added a Snowman - re-balanced Crates (again) - nerfed Red Tiberium value
  8. All Command & Conquer fans, rejoice! The Tech Monkey AKA SSWarbird, a longtime Command & Conquer fan, along with NodSoldierGirl, have set up a Command & Conquer Charity auction. After many months of hard work, preparations and teases, it is finally live! The Tech Monkey has even joined forces with Joe Kucan and other C&C devs to make this auction possible. As a result, many signed items will be auctioned off. You may be familiar with the C&C Remastered Nod and GDI PCs that were seen on social media a while ago. These are part of this very auction. You can check The Tech Monkey's website by clicking this link, for more information pertaining to the auctions. Items will keep going live over the next week or so, so keep an eye out and keep checking back often!
  9. Alphabear

    Old Commander reporting for duty

    Yeah there is nothing else that comes close. I know people wanted a return to the 'talking directly to the commander' style after TS, but personally they were my favourite.
  10. Hello, everyone! I'd like to introduce a new modding project I have in development for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour. Do note, for the purposes of differentiating it, it is currently referred to as Project Final Hour. The official name is subject to be much different from this, however. Note that I'm not at all the best at writing documents such as this. The best way I can explain this mod is that it's intended to rework the entire storyline with the introduction of a new faction. This faction is not a nation, nor is it an alliance like the Global Liberation Army. Rather, it's a corporation. Currently, it's referred to as Storm Technologies (though this also is subject to change; I actually originally concepted this mod years ago, when my naming sense was shit). The reason behind the existence of this corporation as a separate faction is that it was formed in a similar method as the Global Liberation Army. However, rather than a loose conglomerate, it is a tightly-knit corporation. In fact, Storm Technologies specializes in advanced technology that is, however, highly experimental and thus highly volatile. You can expect to see a large number of technologies that 'detonate' upon death. However, pure GLA-style suicide is not a viable tactic as these technologies are highly expensive. On that topic, Storm Technologies has a technology path system and a developed tier system. There are a multitude of technology paths that allow for the use of varying technologies. Some examples of these technology paths are the Havoc Technology Path and the Countermeasure Technology Path. The Havoc Technology Path allows for the development of Havoc Technology, such as the advanced base defense known as the Havoc Phalanx, as well as the advanced vehicle known as the Havoc ADS. The Countermeasure Technology Path is exactly what it says on the tin. It unlocks advanced countermeasures such as the advanced base defense known as the Countermeasure Zone, which is effectively a large-area-coverage tower that provides a variety of countermeasures for projectiles, missiles, infantry, etc. These technology paths culminate in some extremely powerful technology. However, as you might expect, there are tradeoffs for each, such as the fact that much of this technology is extremely expensive and thus can cost far more than even a superweapon. However, Storm Technologies will not be alone here. Each faction with have their own paths and tiers system, yet not to the extent of Storm Technologies. As a whole, Storm Technologies is extremely powerful; thus they will be balanced in part by a far heavier emphasis on choosing a path and working your way up the tiers over time. As such, you can't just expect to advance up to the highest tiers by early-or-mid-game. Each tier has requirements. This mod also will incorporate an entirely new campaign that focuses on Storm Technologies as the new 'antagonists'. The basic concept of the storyline is that Storm Technologies is comprised by many of the different technology firms that split off from their respective nations after the events of the Generals Zero Hour campaign. I however would like more of a storyline to be written. However, I can't do this by myself. I can only do so much with the tools I use. I can modify game files to an extent, but in no way am I an expert in any field. I currently am not a modeler. I am not an animator. Et cetera. Because of this, I am hiring a team. I however cannot provide any payment whatsoever; this will be an entirely nonprofit team. You may also feel free to discuss this project within this thread. Feel free to provide suggestions or anything you'd like. Suggestions, tips, tricks, etc. I'd greatly appreciate it. I love you all.
  11. Yes, I have found that, but when I place it on the map its just a head. I wanna make the entire mechapede that AI can use against player. How to put on map the entire unit that AI can use?
  12. I dont understand. Can you tell me how exactly to do it? Step by step?
  13. hi guys, i could not buy Command & Conquer Remastered Collection 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition. Is there anyone who does not interested in keeping those things and wants to sell?
  14. Just as infantry squads and individual infantry units can be placed separately in Worldbuilder (because of how the squad system works), the same goes for Mechapedes. What you need is the AlienCustomizableVehicle object, which acts as a "squad" entity in this case.
  15. Hi! What is the script to make mechapede work in Kane's Wrath world builder? I can put down head and body, but they are separate. How do I make it as a single unit?
  16. No, you needn't use the CnCNet client for anything other than the options screen (which affects both the standard RA2 and YR) and multiplayer if you wish down the line. Again, you run RA2/YR as you did before, the campaign option is still there in the original EXE's.
  17. Doesnt that make the campaign option disappear from main menu?
  18. Download CnCNet's YR multiplayer client (bear with me), run it, go to the Options menu and choose a different graphics renderer until the game stabilizes enough (different options work better on different hardware). Run the game from Origin as you normally would.
  19. So, I recently got the Command And Conquer Ultimate Collection through Origin. At first it wouldn't work at all, fixed it too where all games run. Then I played Red Alert 2, too play through campaign missions. Tried the Allied campaign first, went smoothly until I got too the 6th mission Liberty, wouldn't let me complete the mission even though ALL enemies were dead, AND I had captured the White House. So I tried the Soviet campaign, again, it went smoothly until the 10th mission Weathered Alliance. Got all the way too the point where ALL Allies were cleared from first island AND captured the Allied Battle Lab, as I was supposed too, then a few minutes later it freezes. Every time I have too restart entire pc, because it completely freezes up. ANY ideas why this is happening and a solution would be great. I'm on windows 10 btw.
  20. So it turns out that at least part of the issues we've had with the site lately have been due to apparent incompatibility of the rather old theme we'd used with newer versions of WordPress. For the time being, I've put a replacement theme, where everything you see is subject to change. What was important to me is that users can now once again use the navigation bar and view the gallery items, which I've received the most messages about. This is not a finalized design by any means, so things can and will change in the near future as alignments are fixed, colour scheme is tweaked, and button visibility is brought up to previous standards.
  21. LucasSK

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    Greeting Commanders! I'm known as Tiberius, and in celebration of TR's 2-year anniversary, it is my pleasure on behalf of the TR staff to share a detailed look into what has been going on behind the curtains for the past few months, as well as our plans moving forward! Something big has happened for TR; Askhati has joined us as a staff member, and is graciously lending us his talents as a voxel artist and building editor. This of course gives us a whole new level of possibilities moving forward, and a lot of our focus lately has been on deciding and designing on TR's visuals and new assets. With that, I would like to present just a peek at what Askhati has been up to: New Units With this update, TR now features advanced harvesters, available at the third tier of advancement (Tech Center/Temple) for a higher price. These are specially designed to fit a faction's doctrine and style for some unique advantages and drawbacks. For GDI we have the Atlas, a super-heavy harvester that sacrifices some speed in order to have both better armour and carry capacity. Furthermore, it carries scanners to detect any Nod stealth ambushes, and is all in all designed as a more survivable "frontier harvester" best deployed at exposed outposts. For Nod, we have the Stealth Harvester. It is light and has a smaller cargo hold than the standard harvester, but instead carries cloaking technology. As such it can steal valuable strains of tib from beyond your base without exposing itself, or it can operate at home and make it difficult for GDI to spot and target your harvesters. Each faction is also getting a brand new fighting unit! This is the Mobile Flak IFV – or M-Flak for short. It is immediately available as you build your War Factory, and fills two gaps within the GDI roster: First of all we hated the idea that GDI was absolutely required to tech up in order to have a mobile answer to aircraft, as it shoehorned players into a certain build order before they could proprly expand or attack. Secondly, GDI's slow walkers make it hard for them to properly scout early in the game, especially on big maps. This light IFV with its dedicated AA dual flak cannons now allows GDI to do both, but it is fragile and has no defense against grounded attackers, so the more advanced later options still have some advantages. Nod's new fire support unit. It carries a rapid-fire laser and is perfect for melting any target from behind a wall of Tick Tanks, synergizing perfectly with Nod's existing army. To carry enough power and not overheat it has had to sacrifice armour, and its strength lies in its varsatile damage. As the portable laser it quite advanced, you will need a Temple before you can field them. Enhancements We are in the process of "redesigning" some of the existing units, giving them a facelift and making them better visually reflect any balance changes TR has made to them: The Amphibious APC looked outdated and out of place with it being fully remapped to the player's colour, so we updated it to simply better fit it. TR's Disruptor is quite a bit lighter than that in vanilla TS, and its graphics now reflect that with its exposed tracks and the hull being less of a solid block. Detailing has also been improved in general. The white bits you see are heat sinks for the weapon. Less beach-buggy, more military vehicle, we feel that this fits better with Nod having moved on from their rag-tag and improvised roster of TD. The Devil's Tongue has received a much needed upgrade in its detailing – you can now actually make out the tracks and grinders, instead of it being a bright grey shoebox. Even more is in the works, both updates to existing models as well as more original units! Maps The update will feature many new as well as a few enhanced maps. Each of the maps is unique in a way to prevent the game from feeling stereotype-ish. In addition, the Prologue has been updated and enhanced based on the feedback we received to achieve better and bug-free experience! Besides that, we are very happy to hear that you enjoyed playing the Prologue. We are sorry that it is currently placed as an addon, but worry not - we are doing our best to fix the issue and make downloading the Prologue a bit easier. Last but not least, we started the development of the 2nd campaign map – Propaganda Forecast. Unlike its predecessor, this version will offer maximum possible freedom for the player during the whole gameplay with the addition of amazing cutscenes and richer story telling like in the Prologue. You will be able to track the whole development of this map via YT series focused on detailed map-making process. Besides other things, we believe this will serve as a motivation and help for other mappers in the future!
  22. A streak of anniversary posts, eh? On 27 October 1997, CNCNZ.com first came online (then under the name TiberianSun.Net.NZ). While a good year for Command & Conquer, with how the Remastered Collection reinvigorated public interest in the franchise, it was another quiet one on this front. Another round of personal obligations, interests in other (often higher-level) communities and even grabbing a position in a game studio didn't reflect well on the willpower to reignite this site's activity. Also, with the C&C community being increasingly decentralized yet again, thanks to numerous topical and off-topical Discord servers which catch news and things of interest before we can, I think a proper discussion on what the site's future direction really should be is in order. This is in no way a criticism towards those servers, as they have in fact been instrumental in getting a lot of projects going, mods progressing, and even the remasters themselves patched (at least to a decent degree). We just need to find our place again. Also, I am aware of a glitch on the non-forum part of the site preventing drop-downs from appearing on mouse hover, and medium-to-large gallery pages ending up blank. IIRC there was a similar issue before but I can not remember what the solution was. I will investigate it by the end of the week.
  23. Hi Guys, Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place or in the wrong way! I would very much appreciate any assistance with the below and thanks to all for doing so much on the modding scene! I have been playing KW mods using the following combination: Windows 10 CNC Ultimate Collection (Origin) Wrathed launcher Bibbers Ultimate registry fixes 4GB Memory Patch For many months now happily and all of a sudden it stopped. Dead. Wrathed launches, I can select my mod (Chemical Warefare 4.0), hit play and whereas usually I get the splash screen and an eventual load into the game, it "fails" (no error, just stops loading) and then takes me back to wrathed?? At first I thought it was a windows update, so rolled them back. Then tried: Replacing all the files in the above that I could (bar registry changes). Uninstall and reinstall of the game Checked the registry against a copy of a friend that I play with Reset windows but kept my files Clean file erase version of windows install I use Microsoft Onedrive for my documents so also made sure those associated folders were deleted. Have even tried editing the CNC3EP1_english_1.2.SkuDef to include just the mod and it still fails to load. I AM STUMPED So I thought I would reach out and see what you think. Can provide any info needed including logs, reg entries, files etc. Playing KW during lockdown with friends has been a lifeline so uber confused why it just stopped all of a sudden! Many thanks Stephen
  24. I also have this one. Can post pics in a couple of days.
  25. Exactly 20 years ago (25 October 2000), Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 hit the shelves in North America. It was the first time a Command & Conquer title was developed mostly by a team other than the original Westwood Studios folks at Las Vegas, and the new developers (Westwood Pacific, from Irvine) would end up making one of the highest-regarded titles in the franchise. A true icon of the genre, Red Alert 2 alone brought so many legendary units, quotes and moments to the, by then, already rich gaming world, and is still well-enjoyed to this day. For me personally, Red Alert 2 (with the Yuri's Revenge expansion pack) shares the top spot as favourite C&C game with Tiberium Wars (again, with the Kane's Wrath expansion). It is probably the RTS I've played the most, and one I'd always put as ground zero for anyone who wants to make their own game in the franchise - do not take anything from it (without a valid replacement), just base the gameplay around it. It is always easy to pick up and entertain oneself with, the units and techs are creative, and the campaign never gets old. I only wish that there was a fourth AI difficulty that would actually put up a fight on its own in 1v1... What are your favourite RA2 memories? Let us know!
  26. Larkbox player

    First Decade probs

    Many thanks for the help and advice... Following your guides everything bar Ra2.. installed and played great, well the titles i want to play that is.. Ra2 Played but NO-sound,, ?? the setup is a basic pc with a hdmi tv display, pc sound is generally carried over the hdmi cable ok for everything but ra2?? google-fu failed me totally i found 1 ea support post describing a similar issue with no follow up beyond the initial report ;( after weeks of spare time tweeks to ini files dxgiag runs and head scratching i on a whim paired a b/tooth sound bar to the pc, RA2 Played with full sound.. I wonder how long it will take me to get hacked off with the extra 5x or 6x remote control button presses it will take to turn on b/tooth and reset the volume level when playing ra2 .. as of now its no hassle at all so all a-ok now.. Thanks again ..
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