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  2. Sorry, I wasn't clear with the first post; When I edited "AudioEvent" xmls... for example, making AudioEvent: "NOD_BlackDisciples_Upgrade" louder by changing the volume setting in its AudioEvent xml, the sound will become completely silent ingame
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  5. You have to add a type to the sounds or it won't be able to find them, which is either Multisound if the filename ends in MS or AudioEvent if it doesn't. For example I gave the Mantis to NOD and I made a copy of it. I had to change <AudioEntry Sound="NOD_Mantis_VoiceAttackMS" AudioType="voiceAttack" /> into <AudioEntry Sound="Multisound:NOD_Mantis_VoiceAttackMS" AudioType="voiceAttack" /> and so on. You'll have to put back the W3DContainer etc. for models too. I am making a SciTE script to automate a lot of this but it doesn't work very well yet.
  6. Who says the gaming PC days are numbered? No matter what PC you have, if you have unlimited Internet service with unlimited data (and no data caps), you may be fine with this feature. But there are some areas that have limited speeds and data caps and that this is NOT for them. Millionaires and billionaires can afford this, but not regular gamers. I like the technology but even buying that piece of hardware and using a virtual PC service at $35 USD a month + extra fees, this does not substitute buying/creating a new PC with latest hardware, plus you have to be restricted in an area to use it nearby that server area. Also can they let you play any type of PC game from the 80s to today? I doubt it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDaOjDHesBc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BQ4bXNdEQI
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  8. Try that then, I'll suggest comparing it to the normal KW's Harvester xml and note any change
  9. How do edit the settings of the default ingame sounds in KW, without extracting and re-importing them? When I integrate the modded sound XMLs, those sounds simply become completely silent - I think it's because the game cannot find the sound files/it dones't realise that those sound files already exist in the game
  10. Glad to see c&c mods are still alive (though some of these have yet to release anything xP) Hope we see even more raise after the remaster will come out (though I'm not counting on it... but you know... Expect for worse and hope for the best )
  11. It's 11 December, and if you've been paying attention, you'll know that it's time for the Top 100 lists in ModDB's Mod of the Year 2018 and IndieDB's Indie of the Year 2018 awards! Here, the voting process for the mods which will reach the top 10 is even simpler - go to the main pages for the Top 100 mods and Top 100 indies, open the category you wish and click the big Vote button next to the mods you wish to support. As is tradition, Command & Conquer has numerous projects listed, which just goes to show how dedicated our community still is. In the Mod of the Year 2018, the following released mods have reached the Top 100: Tiberian Sun: Dawn of the Tiberium Age, Twisted Insurrection (both standalone) Yuri's Revenge: Mental Omega APYR, YR-Red Resurrection Zero Hour: C&C Generals Zero Hour Enhanced, C&C: Shockwave Chaos, C&C Untitled, Contra, Deep Impact, NProject Mod, Operation: Firestorm, Rise of the Reds, The End of Days Tiberium Wars: Tiberium Essence Kane's Wrath: One Vision In the Mod of the Year 2018, the following upcoming mods have reached the Top 100: Tiberium Wars: Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved, Tiberian Sun Rising Red Alert 3: C&C Generals Evolution In the Indie of the Year 2018, the following released indies have reached the Top 100: Expansive Civilian Warfare Red Alert: A Path Beyond Renegade-X Tiberian Sun Reborn In the Indie of the Year 2018, the following upcoming indies have reached the Top 100: Battle for Dune: War of Assassins Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising
  12. It's not much. But keep in mind this is a small-ish game, and it's on mobile as well, so they have to keep the filesize reasonable. Thanks for the YouTube link, just added it to the post
  13. Only five tracks? That's another new low for C&C. I did hear some new music when I was playing Rivals back then, never knew who actually did it. For those interested in the YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa2l-ZDAlv5HULpcsDumI-E4KSdAVoV5d
  14. I'm experiencing severe lag playing a simple skirmish cause the game refuses to run on the nvidia card and instead runs on the useless intel integrated graphics. I've looked for solutions but can't seem to find any whatsoever. Does anyone know how to run Generals and Zero Hour on the dedicated graphics card? I'm playing this on a laptop with a Core i5-8250U and a GeForce MX150. I'm running the Origin version from the ultimate collection and I have Bibber's fixed launchers. I haven't noticed much issues with the campaign, but during skirmishes when the AI goes crazy with the unit spams, the game lags to near unplayability. I had the same issue with RA3 and Uprising, but after setting the nvidia card as the preferred graphics processor both those games ran fine. But Generals on the other hand simply refuses to do so. Even after setting it as the global preferred processor, there's no change. Has anyone experienced this issue and found a workaround or something??
  15. The Command & Conquer: Rivals soundtrack, which was made by Austin Wintory and is distributed by Lakeshore Records, has just been released on December 7th. Tracklist: Rekindled Rivalry - 2:08 The Spearpoint - 3:46 Launch Codes - 3:12 Deployment - 2:04 Seas of Blood and Tiberium - 5:10 You can either listen to it for free, or download it at the following locations: Itunes Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music YouTube Napster Google Play
  16. As the first voting phase for ModDB's Mod of the Year is approaching its end, here's most of the recent mod updates we've had from the community: The Second Tiberium War standalone TS mod will receive campaign missions, with the first GDI one having already been shown. It will also have a full Navy for both GDI and Nod, as well as improved urban and rural and props and tiles, including docks. GDI will also receive a Command Center structure. World Axletree, a YR mod, has a new GIF of a new support power in action, as well as new buildings. Combined Arms' developer has shown new Soviet units and changes, including the new Frogfoot. Red Alert History's next release will feature another set of new units and buildings that have been revealed recently, mostly all of them from RA2: The Allied Refinery & Ore Truck, The Soviet Refinery, The Soviet War Miner, The Soviet V3 Launcher, The Allied Prism Tank, The Soviet Tesla Tank, The Allied Grand Cannon and finally, the Soviet War Factory. Tiberian Sun Rising has released a new article showcasing Mutated Tiberium wildlife in the C&C3 engine, as well as Drop Pods and The Fist of Nod. C&C Generals: Frontlines' version 0.3 has been released. It notably includes a new unit for General Leang, the Skunk AFV. You can download it here. Mental Omega's Foehn faction will receive a new unit: The Orcinus. CnC Final War's version 1.0b is now live, which includes many new features, such as updated Empire Buildings, a robotic miner, new buildings for the Legion faction and much more. You can read the full developer blog here, which details all the changes. YR Red Resurrection patch 2.2.10 is now available, bringing with it some changes to the European faction as well as teasing future campaign missions. You can download the patch here and read the 2.2.10 release blog update here. Finally, you can read a retrospective blog post from OmegaBolt, detailing how the mod has evolved over the past 8 years and how it will evolve from here on, as well. One Vision has just released new details in a short blog post about its upcoming 0.92 update, which features mostly updates to some subfactions' unit upgrades, as well as showing recharge times for support powers. Tiberium Essence: In a surprise update that came seemingly out of nowhere, Carnius has just revealed yesterday that he will release the 2.0 Alpha version of Tiberium Essence sometime before Christmas Day, an update which will include The Forgotten as a new, fully-playable faction.
  17. The problem was just that I was using an ancient version of WrathEd. With the update everything worked great. It's just a simple thing but it's always nice when stuff works!
  18. I don't know if this question counts as frequently asked but it's mentioned in this very thread, also here and I ran into the same issue. That's at least three times, so I would like to contribute it, with some additional detail. I have WrathEd but it won't work! Make sure that you're using the newest version of WrathEd, which you can get here: https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/19116-unofficial-wrathed-108-gamma-released/ The version that is on ModDB is very old, but it's unfortunately the easiest one to find on Google. If you were using an old version of WrathEd, clean out any old stuff that might be left behind. Make sure to delete the WrathEd folder out of your Documents. You should also try running the .bat files in a cmd window rather than just double clicking them so you can read any error messages that might otherwise pop up too fast.
  19. Well after all this time, Plokite has yet to put WrathEd in the Kane's Wrath downloads section of CNCNZ. Well here's the updated one, but it isn't a stable release and it's unofficial. https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/19116-unofficial-wrathed-108-gamma-released/ OR https://www.gamereplays.org/community/Unofficial_WrathEd_108_gamma_released-t956608.html
  20. I can see the CGF GDI Harvester changes. If you cannot remember what you did different for that Harvester (I do not mod Kane's Wrath, so the other faction harvesters do not matter), then I will have to make do with the smaller geometry settings.
  21. I changed most of it by looking on his xmls, however I recall I found some changes to be not fitting and either didn't changed the original code or change it with my own (GDI and Zocom harvesters also had some issues with their weapons and Nod and Scrin had some issues with their ducking location due to missing bone EA forgot to add) So I had to edit many things in the harvesters to the points I don't recall what I did unless I compare it to the original xD I can send you the xmls though, but the lua option sound better (if it will work...), kinda interested in trying it myself but don't feel like nag Mjjstral over it
  22. While having a different problem with compiling I noticed that I somehow ended up with a pretty old version of WrathEd. The About box says it's version 1.002. So I tried to get a new version and downloaded the ones here, both 1.07 and the beta from 2014. However neither of them actually work: both double clicking the icons or running the bat files will not actually do anything. The program looks like it's starting to run and then immediately exits without popping up any kind of message or error or anything. Apparently someone else also had this problem also but there's no fix mentioned in that post. I'm using Windows 10 and the .NET Framework 4.0 is already installed so that isn't the issue. How can I get it to work?
  23. Thanks for investigating! Unfortunately that issue just seems to be a result of copy-pasting to/from here rather than something wrong with my code. I did the same find function thing as you, only I copied from my original code rather than the post, and it matched. Just to make sure, I looked at all of my source files in a hex editor to verify there were no invisible characters or Unicode weirdness and all of them were fine.
  24. PurpleGaga27

    Command & Conquer: Rivals Is Out

    You need to contact EA for that issue. But other than that, I think you need a newer smartphone since EA is bitching anyone to use a compatible device to play it right. Must be the higher system requirements.
  25. Looked into it; have no idea why but for some reason but the object id in the Logic Command does not match the Game Object ID. When I copied MarkedOfKaneTibTrooperSquad from this post to the GameObject xml file and used the find function on Notepad++ (Ctrl+F), the logic command version did not highlight. Then when I copied the object from your logic command, by pasting as plain text in here the result was; Mar kedOfKaneTibT rooperSqua d. So there is something extra present, albeit no idea what it is. Recommend retyping, see if it works
  26. Hi, I am trying to do a simple KW mod that will add units to different factions. However I can't seem to make a functioning LogicCommand to build anything. I made a file called LCS.xml that modifies the Factory and the Hand of Nod. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <LogicCommandSet id="NODDropZoneCommandSet"> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODAttackBike</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODScorpionBuggy</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODRaiderTank</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODHarvester</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODMCV</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructGDIMCV</Cmd> <!-- added this line --> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODFlameTank</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODBunkerTruck</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODBeamCannon</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODStealthTank</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODMobileArtillery</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODAvatar</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_RepairVehicle</Cmd> </LogicCommandSet> <LogicCommandSet id="NODHandOfNODCommandSet"> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODMilitantSquad</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODMilitantRocketSquad</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODSaboteur</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODFanaticSquad</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODBlackHandSquad</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODTibTrooperSquad</Cmd> <!-- added this line --> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODShadowSquad</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_ConstructNODCommando</Cmd> </LogicCommandSet> </AssetDeclaration> Then I made LC.xml and tried to define a Logic Command: (I eventually want to make my own NODTibTrooperSquad so the object is just a placeholder for now) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <LogicCommand Type="UNIT_BUILD" id="Command_ConstructNODTibTrooperSquad"> <Object>MarkedOfKaneTibTrooperSquad</Object> </LogicCommand> </AssetDeclaration> It compiled in WrathEd without any errors. When I got into the game, my Factory was able to produce a GDI MCV but the Tiberium Trooper didn't show up in the Hand of Nod at all, so my LogicCommandSet works but there seems to be something wrong with my LogicCommand. (I looked at my mod's .big in WrathEd and Command_ConstructNODTibTrooperSquad existed but had 0 AssetReferences, while all the game's built-in Command_Construct* commands have a reference to the thing they're supposed to build. So I feel like that might be what I'm doing wrong but I am not sure how to fix it...) If it's needed, my Static.xml looks like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="uri:ea.com:eala:asset"> <!-- Main Mod File for Static Data --> <Includes> <Include type="reference" source="DATA:static.xml" /> <Include type="reference" source="DATA:global.xml" /> <Include type="reference" source="AdditionalMaps\MapMetaData_Global.xml" /> <Include type="all" source="LC.xml" /> <Include type="all" source="LCS.xml" /> </Includes> </AssetDeclaration> Anyone know what could be wrong?
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