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  2. Basically what I want to do is put the spawner stuff from AlienCorrupterTioxinBlastCannon to TiberiumCrystalWeapon But I don't know how the correct code should look, especially mixing the <DamageAndSpawnNugget into it causes problems. I want the final effect to be that the infantry units who die in tiberium fields turn into visceroids, like they do if they get killed by the alien corruptors. Could anybody please show me how a correct XML for TiberiumCrystalWeapon with this added visceroid spawning effect should look?
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  4. Sorry for reviving this post, but I remember I somehow managed to make this work in 2019, but since then I got a new PC and lost my old mod files. Silly me, I forgot to write it down somewhere or write the solution here. I'm trying many things but nothing seems to work and I'm 100% positive that I managed to make it work both in TW and KW. EDIT: In case this happens again or for someone who's just curious or maybe trying to do the same thing: I actually managed to make this work by mixing the GDI Riflemen animations with GDI Commando animations (Commando animations for being engaged, shooting, shooting while moving, shooting while in cover, shooting while being suppressed and Riflemen animations for everything else)
  5. Plok

    Ion Cannon question.

    By the events of C&C3, there was already a network of ion cannons as per the intelligence database: https://cnc.fandom.com/wiki/Intelligence_Database
  6. How many Ion Cannons were there in space by the time of Tiberium Wars? In the Nod campaign Operation Stiletto you could capture GDI buildings and use the Ion Cannon. If there was only one Ion Cannon like in the first game(I think), then it would be as if two factions would be in control of the same Ion Cannon in Operation Stiletto. Unless of course there were many Ion Cannons used in different theaters of war. Was it mentioned anywhere how many Ion Cannons there were altogether or is there just one in space?
  7. if anyone is still interested i got the files
  8. Cygnus X-1

    What piece of game music is always stuck in your head?

    The Video Game Soundtrack disks (orchestrated) version of Tetris has been living in my head rent free on my job sites lately
  9. The trailer song for wow TBC classic always gets stuck in my head. Also, the Playstation all-stars menu music gets stuck in my head for some reason.
  10. I have to make this post for a bet. My actual opinion is that CNC4 sucks. KANE LIVES!
  11. Does anyone still have the subtitles file?
  12. Plok

    1.5 & 1.6 C&C Patch?

    I don't think the script author knows what they're doing... Tiberian Dawn's 1.06 patch has been around for about a decade and it doesn't require 1.05 to install. Also, it doesn't mention a thing of what it does to other titles. Thing is, even on Windows, TFD is a bit tricky to fully update these days: https://cncnz.com/features/technical-support-help-guides/fully-updating-the-first-decade/
  13. mattig89ch

    1.5 & 1.6 C&C Patch?

    Hello Everyone, To be honest, I actually didn't know I had a profile on this forum till today. Anywho, I re-discovered my C&C the first decade install disc after moving. I'm trying to install it on my old Linux laptop, but the Lutris installer is saying it needs the 1.5 & 1.6 patch. I found the 1.6 patch on this site, but I can't find anything about the 1.5 patch. Does anyone know anything about the 1.5 patch? This is the script btw: https://lutris.net/games/command-and-conquer-the-first-decade/
  14. PM'd you something that might help, Some WEd vers requires you to includes the event line while some aren't as you mentioned, As for the issue Some sounds/audio events seems to be hardcoded so try to rename their IDs and properly includes them in the right places, can't say if it's the case here cause I never had any errors over them with the compilers I uses. There's also another common issue that happens when one try to mix new audio ID in existing MultiAudio Events in some WEd vers, but that's not relates to the current issue so we can save it for another time xP
  15. Afaik only TJ's Chemical Warfare and the one I'm working on (Big bang patch 1.04), Most other modders either didn't thought on the idea or didn't wanted it when I've suggested it way back in 2014, In unpatched Gen it wasn't balanced one bit so I bet that was people main concern, but that doesn't means it can't be if done right to keep the action going tiny bit more while not giving some huge sum of money to the point one player have some big disadvantage over the other.
  16. If there's a ddraw.log in your RA2 directory, submit it to the CnCNet RA2 forums or their Discord. They maintain the launcher and some of the renderers. https://forums.cncnet.org/forum/56-red-alert-2/
  17. theoriginalcoleman

    Yuri's Revenge Crashes to Desktop when launching

    Thanks for the reply. I've tried each one now. Still no joy on the single-player Yuri's Revenge. RA2 still runs, and the client works on many of the renderer choices. Is there a log file I can copy and paste to show what's happening on launch?
  18. I don't know any mods to download but that idea sounds pretty cool... I'm going to look into making a structure that's gives money, I think I can do it. I haven't done any 3d / textures modding but I can get the scripting side done pretty sure... what do u want the building to do exactly , how much money how often. Upgrades?
  19. I'm having an issue when building my Mod related to the sound assets referenced in the GameObject xmls. It comes up critical error, sound asset not found in stream. This only happens for some units however and it really got me lost. The way I get my Xmls and edit them is as follows. Open wrathed, open skudef, find gameobject. Click and copy and paste the xml into notepad++. And from what I gathered, wrathed is buggy with audio so it is required to add AudioEvent and Multisound to all sound references. So I simply would add them before the sound name. For example, I would change... Sound="Nod_Venom_Select" to Sound="AudioEvent:Nod_Venom_Select" This method has worked for all structures, WeaponTemplates, and even some units. But I've gotten a few times for some units where it cannot find the sound assets for some reason. I don't store any of the sound data in my mod, so why isn't it just finding the in-game data like all my structure GameObjects are? If I compile without adding the AudioEvent it goes through but with no sound of course. Sorry for not being able to post actual examples I'm at work atm. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  20. So not worries?No trojans?
  21. False positive for sure.
  22. Hi. Currently on laptop with Windows 10. So i downloaded a full game Command and Conquer GOLD from good legal site ,link: https://www.gry-online.pl/S030.asp?ID=48870 After unpack i clicked C&C95.exe But then some error with memory access pops up and unable to close it. So i logout and login again to system. But game not working. I go to site to check file: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload/ And it found: Gridinsoft Trojan.Heur!.02216121 Jiangmin Packed.PePatch.lth Rising Trojan.Kryptik!8.8 (CLOUD) SecureAge APEX Malicious Its false positive or not? Thanks.Other vendors nothing found.Only Gridinsoft and Rising,found 2 trojans. link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/38a991aab2ce18a19a47fc3311bd879848fb3f6dbf6011f0575c97c641c4a673 Malware Bytes,Eset Onliine,Windows Defender founds nothing
  23. Plok

    What's happened with Renegade-X?

    No idea on the specifics, but ya, sadly the domain is still in the hands of someone who's doing nothing with it with a seemingly dubious rights claim. The true community was first on ren-x.com as a replacement but now that's just a redirect to the Totem Arts site.
  24. ApornasPlanet

    What's happened with Renegade-X?

    Ok! Thank God it's still alive. Renegade-x.com is higher on Google than Totemarts website so I didn't notice that one. I remember when Havoc89 left and I did check the site a few times after that. So the dude behind Renegade-x.com is the paria? Is there any truth to what he claims on his site?
  25. No need to post the same thing in four different subforums. https://www.origin.com/irl/en-us/store/command-and-conquer/command-and-conquer-the-ultimate-collection
  26. Where can i download red alert 2 full version that is not freeware?
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