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  4. LucasSK

    [WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]

    8 000 views on CnCNet, 7 300 views on PPMforums, 1 400 views on W3DHub, 1 200 views on CnCNz and 3 100 views on ModDB = 20 000 views Thank you very much for all your support so-far. I realize, that progress slowed down in the last few weeks, which is due to multiple reasons such as studying, TS issues, etc. I am getting back on work already. Await another tutorial, progress update, changelog and map-making video soon! Cheers
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  6. AZ-Stalker

    Is Bibber done with C&C?

    Anyone have the good tools and fixes he had on his site saved somewhere?
  7. Madin I love you. xD I'm not exactly sure what it was about what code I changed (mainly the timers for the passive damage, I think 0.1s must've been too long and I never thought of going below 0.1 for some reason), but I changed the arguments in each weapon (aside from clip stuff and some other bits) and now it works great. :3 Honestly I racked my brains for too long, but I'm so glad it works now. x)
  8. We had to take down the content we were hosting at his insistence. There may be an alternative soon.
  9. From Tiberian History <!--This module controls the use of the weapon that allows the projectile to damage while it travels to a target. --> <FireWeaponUpdate id="ModuleTag_ProjectileWeapon"> <!--Adjust the fire delay time so that the leaving projectile does not damage the Disruptor it is firing from! --> <FireWeaponNugget WeaponName="DisruptorBeamProjectileWeapon" FireInterval="0.066s"/> </FireWeaponUpdate> Weapon <WeaponTemplate id="DisruptorBeam" Name="DisruptorBeam" AttackRange="300.0" WeaponSpeed="200" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS" ClipSize="0" ReAcquireDetailType="PER_ATTACK" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" CanFireWhileMoving="true" MaxTargetPitch="30d" MinTargetPitch="-15d" FiringLoopSound="GDI_Disruptor_BeamWeaponLoop" FiringLoopSoundContinuesDuringReload="true" PreAttackType="PER_TARGET"> <!--Match your prefire FX v --> <PreAttackDelay MinSeconds="1.0s" MaxSeconds="1.0s"/> <!--Adjust until your projectiles are seamless, like a beam. --> <FiringDuration MinSeconds="0.0666s" MaxSeconds="0.0666s"/> <Nuggets> <ProjectileNugget WarheadTemplate="DisruptorBeamWarhead" ProjectileTemplate="FXDisruptorBeam"/> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate> <WeaponTemplate id="DisruptorBeamWarhead" Name="DisruptorBeamWarhead" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS" HitStoredTarget="true"> <Nuggets> <DamageNugget Damage="50.0" DamageType="GRENADE" DamageFXType="NOD_ION" DeathType="EXTRA_3" Radius="15.0"> <DamageScalarDetails Scalar="0%"> <Filter Rule="NONE"> <IncludeThing>GDIDisruptor</IncludeThing> </Filter> </DamageScalarDetails> <DamageScalarDetails Scalar="200%"> <Filter Rule="NONE" Include="VEHICLE"/> </DamageScalarDetails> </DamageNugget> <DamageContainedNugget MaxUnitsToDamage="100" WindowBlastFX="FX_ClearGarrisonBlue" Damage="=$CLEAR_GARRISON_WEAPON_DAMAGE" DamageType="GRENADE" DeathType="NORMAL"> <DamageObjectFilter Rule="NONE" Include="INFANTRY"/> </DamageContainedNugget> <SuppressionNugget Radius="20.0" Suppression="25" DurationSeconds="5s"/> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate> <WeaponTemplate id="DisruptorBeamProjectileWeapon" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS NOT_SIMILAR" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" AttackRange="9999999.0"> <FiringDuration MinSeconds="0.0666s" MaxSeconds="0.0666s"/> <Nuggets> <DamageNugget Damage="10.0" Radius="10.0" DamageType="GRENADE" DamageFXType="GDI_SONIC" DeathType="EXTRA_4"> <DamageScalarDetails Scalar="0%"> <Filter Rule="NONE" Include="BRIDGE_SEGMENT"> <IncludeThing>GDIDisruptor</IncludeThing> </Filter> </DamageScalarDetails> <DamageScalarDetails Scalar="200%"> <Filter Rule="NONE" Include="VEHICLE"/> </DamageScalarDetails> </DamageNugget> <SuppressionNugget Radius="20.0" Suppression="25" DurationSeconds="5s"/> </Nuggets> </WeaponTemplate>
  10. The reason why I ask this, is though I've successfully used FireWeaponUpdate on various stationary "objects"... when I try and apply it to even slow projectiles, it fails miserably. I've currently been making a Disruptor style attack that fires 20 rapid projectiles that call FireWeaponUpdate every 0s or 0.1s and it very rarely hits even large structures and vehicles. (It usually hits around 1 time per each 20 projectile volley) The projectile itself travels at a WeaponSpeed of 200 (i'm not sure if this is too fast, but it seems slow to me)... it just seems completely broken functionality wise when put on anything that moves. If I'm wrong I'd appreciate it if someone could correct me / or show me where I'm going wrong. I'm happy to post code if required. Thanks everyone. ^^
  11. Does anyone know a fix or know why the AI sometimes just doesn't build? It happens only on custom maps and makes them essentially pointless to play.
  12. I'm in the same boat. The link was rehosted on CNCNZ but it looks like the link is dead? Theres a post from the Steam Community from last year about this and a gentleman has made his own program and made up a written tutorial to use mods. The GitHub release The text tutorial (i used it and works fine for me)
  13. PurpleGaga27

    Is Bibber done with C&C?

    Three years later, it has happened. Bibber's profile in this site is long gone and so is his Bibber.eu website. Also I think he'll be gone from Moddb as well soon. Have a great retirement, Bibber.
  14. FlashLight

    Command & Conquer - Songs

    Hello everyone, I'm new here on the Forums. I love CNC so much that I decided I would be making songs for different characters/buildings/characters. In this article I will post the songs that I have created so I can share with the friendly CNC community. First one I have made: Command & Conquer - Obelisk Song Please tell me what you think Constructive feedback only please. I need strength to keep making these
  15. Post some more pictures if you can from various angles. I've never seen this version.
  16. It's too bad EA will never recognize the Dune series. Now that Tencent will own Funcom, make them remaster all of the older Dune games or else make EA/Petroglyph do it.
  17. @PurpleGaga27 Dune II is literally the first C&C game.
  18. I wonder why Dune II was part of the collector's edition. Dune is not related to C&C but its RTS format led to C&C.
  19. Some more photos There is also a sound track cd and poster
  20. Australian (and New Zealand?) Collector's Edition of C&C. Very rare, even more rare then the Commemorative Edition. Finally we have a good picture of it, I've only see a 64x64px picture before
  21. Woah! I've seen the Commemorative Edition, but I've never seen this one before! Can you show pictures of its contents? It says "signed"... who signed it?
  22. @Nyerguds Your assistance is required here please.
  23. AZ-Stalker

    Skorvion Games (skorvion.com)

    I just published a YouTube video that showcases Tiberian Sun in a very positive light as a less technical review of sorts, focusing more on the atmosphere, style and emotional experience the game can often inspire. I've also put some jokes and nostalgia in there for good measure, so feel free to check it out! Enjoy!
  24. After a good while, we have another update on the C&C remasters. The project has since reached the Content Alpha milestone, meaning all assets have been remastered to at least some degree. EA producer Jim Vessella touched on the topic of multiplayer in the latest update: Fellow Command & Conquer fans, We hope everyone had a great holiday season and their New Year is off to a positive start. For those of us on the Remaster project, we’ve been hard at work over the past two months since our last update. In terms of development progress, we just completed our Content Alpha milestone. This is a huge moment for the project, as it means there are no longer any legacy / placeholder pieces of content in the game. Every frame of animation, every tile of terrain, every second of audio, and every piece of UI has received a remastered pass. This allows us to play both games in a completely remastered fashion, and identify areas we’d like to continue polishing based on feedback from the team, colleagues, and the community. Now, since the announcement of the project, many of you have been asking how Multiplayer will function in the Remaster. So for this update, we wanted to take a deep dive into the components of Multiplayer and describe how we’re approaching this beloved part of the game. At a high level, Multiplayer has effectively been rebuilt for the Remaster. Starting with the backend, Multiplayer now runs on dedicated servers based on Petroglyph’s architecture, with a goal of providing reliable connections and prevent misbehavior. We’ve been playing multiplayer games for several months with our QA teams around the world, and feeling confident about the stability the architecture is providing. Now let’s jump into the actual modes and features. When navigating to the Online portion of the menus, players will first have the ability to host or join custom multiplayer games. Once players join a game lobby, they can choose their team setup, select maps, and set game rules. In terms of rules, we’re aiming to support the most relevant multiplayer options, from starting resources and units to flagging Crates or Visceroids. (Yes, the Visceroid has also been remastered and is as weird as ever) We’re then looking into some additional options based on guidance from the Community Council. You can also chat with other players in the game lobby, and ensure you get the perfect setup for your custom game. Alongside custom games is the introduction of 1v1 Quickmatch for Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert™. Quickmatch will focus on competitive play and utilize an Elo-based matchmaking algorithm. Games will pull from a filtered map pool with set game rules to reduce luck and randomness (For example, no Crates in Quickmatch). To highlight the results, 1v1 Quickmatch will be supported by an in-game leaderboard to track a player’s wins, losses, and points. We’re looking forward to watching the most competitive players go head-to-head and see who can become the top ranking commander in each game. I fondly remember being one of the best C&C3 players in the world for about 2 hours when the game launched, only to be quickly humiliated when competitive players began to learn the game, haha. In a further effort to help modernize the online play experience, we’re also introducing replays into the Remaster. Players will be able to watch replays from their custom and quickmatch games, and we’re currently iterating on the available controls within the replay system itself. In conjunction with the replay system is the addition of Observer mode into both games. Through the Observer mode, players can spectate on live games in-progress (with a small time delay), which we hope will be a valuable tool for shoutcasters and viewers alike. There are then several other multiplayer oriented features which have been requested by the community over the past year. We’re in the process of evaluating these features and will aim to share more in the months ahead. As always, please continue to provide your comments in the thread below. As you all know, 2020 is the 25th year anniversary of Command & Conquer. We expect this to be an exciting year for C&C, and we’re looking forward to celebrating this anniversary with all of you. Cheers, Jim Vessella Jimtern The original post is here.
  25. I Have this old Boxed Copy of Command and Conquer that comes with a certificate from Westwood, Stating that its one of a certain amount of Copies produced with it. has anyone ever seen or heard of it. i cant seem to find any information about it at all. cheers
  26. Greetings, im new to cnc and i bought ultimate collection from origin yesterday so i need bibbers launcher if could someone send me... His site isnt working so and alternative
  27. talbin

    1.06c development topic

    I have to ask again. What's new in update 6?
  28. Plokite_Wolf

    Upload Maps

    ModDB and GameFront would be a good place to start. CnCLabs also has some RA2/YR maps for download.
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