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  2. Dankest Inferno

    TibED2 Won't Launch CNC3

    Hello There, I have installed tibed2 and trying to launch my own mod. After I click build mod, then play mod, CNC3 launches for a couple seconds, then the CNC3 program closes. If I use the CNC3 Control Center, the same issue persists. Can anyone help me out? I have provided my logs in a file for the post. Thank you for helping! mylogs.txt
  3. Help im stuck I don't know how to create a palette for my new sidebar :(
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  5. Cygnus X-1

    Now Playing - Games

    Just finished Horizon Zero Dawn. That's a hell of a plot
  6. comander starlin

    So, where has 2021 gone?

    This site has been my life for year expanding the scope to dune and BFME is fine it keeps them all in one main place. We are still the authority in C&C
  7. OWA

    So, where has 2021 gone?

    This is good news! CNCNZ has always been a cornerstone of the community for C&C fans everywhere, so it's great to hear that there are some plans for shaping it further!
  8. Nmenth

    So, where has 2021 gone?

    You can't kill the CNCNZ.com.
  9. Remember us? No? Thought so. As you may have noticed, the site has been scarcely touched since June. This only partly has to do with the usual excuses of real life stuff (professional and private), diverting attention to other and far larger projects (working on an unannounced RTS for 3D Realms/Slipgate Ironworks, maintaining and adding worrying amounts of information to MobyGames, just to name a few). For a good while now, I've been thinking hard about the usefulness of CNCNZ.com at present day, given that any news within the community already moves faster than we can report on it through the power of social media and Discord, and the relatively new CnC.Community site, God bless it, even has an automated feed for everything else. So instead of threatening a shutdown yet again, I've decided to take CNCNZ.com in a different direction in 2022. The existing content will not go anywhere, especially not the extensive set of technical info and guides on the series nor our old original content - instead, the site will expand further on its Games section (that I'm sure most don't go to at the moment). In addition to making the unit etc. pages more useful and informative for less skilled and new players to better understand the tools they have, each game will receive pages with information that is normally either scattered on more obscure sites or is only available when talking to the more knowledgeable people in the community. Parameters, hidden mechanics, known bugs, unused content, really any secret that a given game can have. As an icing on that cake, I'll be finishing the expansion of the site's scope to Dune and Battle for Middle-earth titles which are technologically and creatively related to Command & Conquer, which some of you may have noticed we have posted but haven't associated with the site navigation yet (Dune II, Dune 2000, Emperor, BFME1, BFME2, RotWK). These titles will also get the same content I mentioned above as the Command & Conquer titles. Finally, we wish happy holidays and a successful and peaceful new year to all fellow commanders!
  10. A friend gave me a tga and map file but IDK what I'm supposed to do with it, also where can I download Kane's wrath world editor that doesn't crash when I start it?
  11. MrFlibble

    What's the first game you really loved?

    Prince of Persia and Warcraft II
  12. Blade

    C&C - RA on PS Vita

    Bit of a bump here, but if you are interested in C&C on vita you might be interested in this port of vanilla conquer to it. https://github.com/Northfear/Vanilla-Conquer-vita
  13. Exley

    TibEd 2.1: test it now

    I'm quite dissapointed how this proggy didnt get any more love AT ALL last updated 11 years ago still missing cloning units/weapons for CnC 3 you could at least add a button to add new section/subsection to add our own stuff still spews out random error messages and refuses to "compile" even if code is correctly done on proper places
  14. The render distance can be increased via either; a) an inbuilt map script (based on https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-tiberium-wars/downloads/remove-zoom-limits-exploit-map1); - WorldBuilder - Open Map - Edit - Scripts - (neutral) - New Script - increaseCameraDepth - Select Tab - Actions if True - Delete Null Operation - New - Camera - Adjust - Change the camera depth of field - Modify normal depth of Frustrum by 100.00 (1.0 = normal, < 1.0 shortens frustrum, > 1.0 lengthens.) b) a mod script; ExecuteAction("SET_CAMERA_CLIP_DEPTH_MULTIPLIER", Camera_Clip_Depth) The maximum camera zoom can be changed via either; a) an inbuilt map script; - WorldBuilder - Open Map - Edit - Edit Map Settings - Camera Behaviour:Min/Max Height b) a mod script; ExecuteAction("CAMERA_SET_DEFAULT", 0.00, 0.00 , Camera_Max_Zoomable_Height) However this method is not robust and results in increasing health bar widths. Details regarding robustly changing the maximum camera zoom height are more complicated and are found here; https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/20028-how-to-combine-gamedataini-in-wrathed/ https://www.moddb.com/mods/meta-mod (demonstration) To generalise a script to the entire game (based on https://www.moddb.com/downloads/60-fps-no-superweapon-option-box-mod); - create a mod with a dummy unit (e.g. 60FPS_Related.xml:SlowDownGame50PercentDummy_SpawnDelayer) - set the dummy unit to trigger the startup script event (e.g. 60FPS_Related.xml:AILuaEventsList="SlowDownGame50PercentDummy_SpawnDelayerEvent") - modify the game setup to spawn the dummy unit (e.g. data\ini\playertemplate.ini:SlowDownGame50PercentDummy_SpawnDelayer) - define the script event (e.g. data\scripts\scriptevents.xml:<EventList Name="SlowDownGame50PercentDummy_SpawnDelayerEvent">) - set script event to execute the script (e.g. ScriptFunctionName="SpawnSlowDownGame50PercentDummy") - define the script (e.g. data\scripts\scripts.lua:function SpawnSlowDownGame50PercentDummy)
  15. How does one independently change/mod the Command and Conquer 3 map render distance? Where is this value stored (e.g. to make it 3 times higher)?
  16. Kaiepherd

    What's the first game you really loved?

    I have been playing WoW for a really long time. It is also the video game I spent the most time on. I vividly remember making a night elf, logging in Teldrassil, and looking at the giant trees and the vibrant colors in awe. From that day onward, I became a fan of the World of Warcraft and the game became my favorite place to visit. I love the universe, I love the art of WoW, raids give me a thrill and PVP is a lot of fun. I enjoy the thrill of improving my character through professions, gear, etc. I can log in and have a variety of things to do depending on my moods such as M+, PvP, farming for mounts and transmogs, or whatever. And I get quite a bit of entertainment through buying wow gold. I tried many MMOs since, even the well-known FFXIV, but they lack something, they are not as charming, the races feel empty, the lore hollow, and it just doesn't feel like home the way WoW does.
  17. MrFlibble

    Free alternatives to classic games

    Here's a little hotfix for Aleona's Tales sprites: tales-quick-fix.zip It repairs some extra transparency in Peasant, Fawn, Knight and Gryphon sprites, and adds shadows to Footman and Archer sprites. Additionally, I replaced Footman and under attack voice with higher quality alternatives by David Slimp which I found in the old CVS repo, plus I attempted to repair some other speech and sounds with clicks and noise using Audacity.
  18. This mission was super nice, and I recomend it for anyone. Its a port of 130+ mission pack, you can find download link in my video description or in Moddb website - GG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M9btm2godE
  19. You're also missing the files that represent them visually (SHP files for sprites and cameos, VXL and HVA files for voxels), as well as audibly (use the XCC Sound Editor within XCC Mixer to extract from and create new sound databases)
  20. Hello guys i was trying for hours to add infantry from Yuri Revenge to the normal Red Alert 2 I have The Ultimate Collection from Origin I went to take the unit details from rulesmd.ini & artmd.ini TO rules.ini & art.ini I was able to add the infantry with the right name by adding its name to language.mix but it seems that I miss some stuff, the unit appears in-game invisible, and I can't select it unless I find it and click on it as well as the weapon has no sound when shooting and invisible. the infantry I am trying to add from Yuri Revenge has the following names [ARND] / Arnold / UIName=Name:Hero3 / Arnie Frankenfurter I want to add this infantry as fully with his animations and his weapon and sounds to Red Alert 2 Any help will be much appreciated, thank you in advance .
  21. MrFlibble

    Free alternatives to classic games

    Updated the Aleona's Tales fix: aleonas-tales-2.4.3-fix-r2.zip
  22. Would the Upheaveal source code be of any use? https://www.moddb.com/mods/red-alert-3-upheaval/downloads/red-alert-3-upheaval-116-source-code
  23. I want to change the main menu music and background of RA3 to that of RA3 Uprising.
  24. MrFlibble

    Free alternatives to classic games

    Recently I discovered that the latest version of Aleona's Tales (bundled with Wargus 2.4.3) does no work out of the box - in fact, no 2.4.x release does. I figured out that this is caused by errors with PNG files, which I was able to correct and threw together a fix for the latest version: tales-2.4.3-fix.zip To use, first install the 2.4.3 release from GitHub, then unzip the contents of the fix archive, overwriting the files.
  25. NowYouSeeMe

    Aimd.ini editing problem

    My RuleMD MinimumAlDefensiveTeams=5,3,1 DissolveUnfilledTeamDelay=5000 TeamDelays=600,900,1250
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