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  2. I'm doing an LP of the beta, but I don't have any specific point where a unit say that.
  3. ApornasPlanet

    Red Alert 1 Beta v0.09c Found and Verified

    Sure! What I meant was if it's uploaded to the internet somewhere?
  4. I have 2 problems with getting "A New Experience" to work with KW: 1. Where do I put the FreeCam shell map? I tried (C:\Users\AAA\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath\Maps\official, C:\Users\AAA\AppData\Roaming\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath\Maps, C:\Users\AAA\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath\Maps) but ingame the maps "turn black" with high max camera heights zooming out 2. How do I compile a map with "BuildMap.bat"? I tried to compile maps with "BuildMap.bat", but it keeps saying "Error: the map doesn't exist"
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  6. Units say it occasionally.
  7. ApornasPlanet

    Red Alert 1 Beta v0.09c Found and Verified

    Where can I here the "new" Allied quote "It is done"?
  8. To answer your question, yes you can make custom savegames with lua file io commands. If you use a timestamp you can load exactly the state you need. I made custom savegames in many variations in metamod (base templates, auto start config, stats save) . The source code is completely open so have a look and report how that works out. The main function you will have to work with is WriteToFile and LoadFile (from meta mod).
  9. 'WeaponSetUpdate' in the 'Behaviors' module. If you want the unit to continue to approach into the shorter weapons range, then place the shorter weapon in weapon slot id 1, and place the long range weapon in weapon slot id 2. If you want it to always stop when it reaches the weapon range of the long range weapon, reverse the order. Even if you have the shorter range weapon in the weapon slot id 1 position, if the unit gets an attack order and does not have to move in order to hit its target with the long range (weapon id 2) weapon, it will not close into the short range (weapon id 1) weapon, but instead use the long range weapon to attack.
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  11. Hey everyone. I'm having trouble with the RA3 modding SDK - specifically, trying to compile a mod does not work properly. Whenever I try to compile a finished mod - whether is it the sample mod, existing source files of other mods, or my own - the SDK just spits out a 1kb .BIG file that doesn't work when loaded into the game. I tried browsing this forum and the closest thread to my issue is this - except the solution posted didn't resolve my issue (I already have my OS language set to English). Any help would be appreciated. PS: Do I need Bibber's RA3 Mod SDK extras to mod RA3 too? Because the download - and everything from Bibber's site has been taken down and I can't find any mirrors.
  12. Thanks i managed to get One Vision Mod to get working
  13. This is interesting news! Well done to all of those involved in allowing this to release into the wild, fascinating as an insight into how Red Alert was developed and also in terms of preserving games from an archival perspective. Excited to see what else releases over time, gives me hope that there are early builds of Red Alert 2 / Tiberian Sun out there somewhere (I've heard rumours about both existing over the years). Back in the day Deezire mentioned something about a pre-release version of Tiberian Sun and a 'Red Alert 2 beta' seemed to exist on Russian file-sharing sites, though that could of been click bait.
  14. A most unlikely event has just occurred - beta version 0.09c of Command & Conquer: Red Alert has been discovered. The exact source and date of this build is unknown, but the person who found it is Siberian_GRemlin, whom Russian fans may know for his translations of earlier games in the series. Here are some of the differences: there are no countries (subfactions) yet some previously unseen cutscenes appear, including the long-lost shipyard one certain removed voice lines appear, including "It is done" and "Time for a little five-finger discount" which we would only hear in the track Radio 2 Remix rudimentary skirmish AI dev build of the map editor with debug keys a sprite believed to be the cut commando Megan is present TaxOwlbear got the build early while it was being verified by CCHyper, Nyerguds, Tore and Chad from CnCNet, which is what you see above. More information can be found here, and the download link is here.
  15. KW doesn't have a mod menu. Use this guide, option 2: https://cncnz.com/features/technical-support-help-guides/running-mods-in-command-conquer-3-kanes-wrath/
  16. I managed to get C&C 3 mods working. But KW do not work. When i go on C&C3 it gives the option to browse the Mods. For KW I can't see that option. Following is the code link i use for C&C 3 (the one that works) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer 3 TW and KW\CNC3.ico" -ui cnc3 Following is the code link i use for KW (DO NOT works) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer 3 TW and KW\CNC3.ico" -ui cnc3ep1 Can someone help pls. Thx
  17. Thanks that is a good idea for a limited number of turret changes.
  18. my bad, i only remember there are RIDER1 to RIDER4 in the ObjectStatus. however there is MemberTemplateStatusInfo in OpenContain, which allow the Container gain different status based on which unit they carry, and with LUA coding to switch the Container's weaponset.
  19. It still works? I will have a look! RiderChangeContain is what was used in Zero Hour? that does not exist in C&C3!
  20. Hello, I've just acquired TibEd, but attempting to run it to mod RA2 or YR gives me an error "Runtime Error '9': Subscript Out Of Range." The error also occurs if I attempt to select a Tiberian Sun version. Thing I've tried so far, in chronological order: Installing Visual Basic 6 Service Pack 6 Installing Visual Basic 6 Service Pack 5 Installing OCXFix Setting TibEd to run as administrator Setting TibEd to use various compatibility settings (Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3) Restarting my computer after doing the above and trying again Uninstalling and re-installing TibEd Setting the RA2YR directory in TibEd preferences to a fresh installation Google seems to show that "runtime error 9" isn't a phrase exclusive to TibEd and that the problem is related to Visual Basic in some way, but as I've already tried installing the service packs I'm not sure where to go from here. Edit: I'm running Windows 10 x64.
  21. code of the GLA bikes still exists and working. you can give it a try.
  22. I am looking to code an IFV style vehicle in C&C3 and would like some hints and ideas. At the most basic level I would like the weapon of the IFV to have a default (ie out of the factory setting), and then to change depending on what infantry squad (or individual in terms of infantry like the engineer) is loaded inside. If the infantry exits the IFV, I would like it to go back to the default weapon. If possible it would be nice if the IFV would also change according to 'PLAYER' upgrades. For example if a standard rocket squad entered the IFV it would get a rocket weapon, but if the player upgraded with composite amour, the IFV would get a rocket weapon, and additional armour plating. Also if the same could be done for 'OBJECT' upgrades, that would be great as well. Any help would be appreciated!
  23. GenTool, xezon's extension for Generals and Zero Hour, has received a new update, version 7.8. Here's what's new: New features: Added new ranked maps to GenTool updater Added custom map list size patching to GenTool updater to list up to 1200 maps Added player money display in replay and observer modes Added text size toggle on [Numpad +] and [Numpad -] keys Added player name and player id information in uploaded replay txt file Fixes / improvements: Fixed tick threading issue that would cause wrong timers Changed folder structure in uploaded data to separate online and network matches Changed text in GenTool menu Improved code in Upload Mode If you already have GenTool installed, you can update it by simply running Generals/Zero Hour and exiting. If you want to do so manually or you do not have it installed yet, you can download it from the GenTool website or from here at CNCNZ.com.
  24. PurpleGaga27

    Desktop CPU Thread

    Intel's 10th gen CPU chips are finally here, except the mainstream is focused on mostly laptops while the high-end ones now focused on more cores. The 10-core CPU is worth checking out since it's about $70-120 more from the Core i9-9900K (8-core/16-threads @ 3.6 ghz), but uses more power. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3441480/intel-launches-powerful-core-x-series-processors-at-drastically-lower-prices.html
  25. G Daddy

    GenTool Version 7.5 Available

    Version 7.8 is available.
  26. function UnitSwitchAllegiance(self,other) ExecuteAction("UNIT_SET_TEAM",GetObj.String(self),GetTeamName(other)) ExecuteAction("NAMED_FLASH_WHITE", self, 2) -- ExecuteAction("SHOW_MILITARY_CAPTION", "SCRIPT_COMPLETED", 5) end While this code will work with human players, it will not work if the AI attempts to use it, as units are auto assigned into random new teams by AI (This is from CNCisDead): -- Dont use ObjectTeamName() command because it fails with AI players (units are auto assigned into new teams by AI) He uses: local p1 = strsub(ObjectDescription(other),strfind(ObjectDescription(other), "owned by ") + 9) local p2 = strsub(ObjectDescription(self),strfind(ObjectDescription(self), "owned by ") + 9) I will try something around that.
  27. Cannot get this to work unfortunately. Can anyone see any issues with the code?
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